Thailand Overview:Quick information about Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand, "a land of smile" , is a country of a constitutional monarchy. Thailand King is the head of state and head of the ruiling Royal House of Charkri. 

Thailand is also the travel hub of Southeast Asia. The famed beaches in the south, the mountain villages in the north, amazing food, lush jungles, gorgeous royal palaces, ornate temples, giant elephants, ancient ruins and friendly Thai people… all of those are welcoming you to Thailand

Where is Thailand

It is located at the center of the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula, wholly within the tropics, sharing borders with Myanmar to the north and northwest, Malaysia to the south, Cambodia and Lao PDR to the east. The Gulf of Thailand is in the south and Andaman Sea is to the Southwest. 

It occupies over 51,000 squre kilometers of land and 2,230 square kilometers of water with a total area of more than 513,000 square kilometers. It is the 51st largest country in the world. The Thailand’s population is 67,091,089 census in 2012. The country has a density of 131 people per square kilometer. The currency of Thailand is bath (THB).

Thailand Map

Thailand's capital

Thailand founded as Thai Kingdom in the mid-14th centrury and officially called Siam. Until 1949, the country renamed Thailand – the land of free. Thailand's capial city is Bangkok, the largest city of the country and it is the political center of Thailand as well. It is located on the latitude of 13.75 and longitude of 100.5. 

Thailand Flag

Thailand FlagThe flag of Thailand was officially adopted on Sep. 28, 1917. Since 2016, the day became an important national day to celebrate the nation's flag. Thailand flag shows five horizontal stripes in the color of red, white, blue, white and red. The blue is in the middle that is twice as wide of each of other four. Blue, the color of liberty, represents the institutio of royalty guiding the nation. Red is the symbol of the blood that Thai people have shed for the county. White meas the religious laws nd the purity of the Buddhism.

Thailand's economy

Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, just afer Indonesia. With a free-enterprise economy, a relatively well-developed infrastrcture. Thailand's economy is highly internaionlization. The export are two-thirds of GDP. The exportare including agrictultural products, electronics, automobiles and parts, and processed foods. With its rapid growing economy, Thailand has attracted an estimated 3.0-4.5 million migrant workers and most of them were from neighboring countries.  

Thailand tourism

Tourism is also a pillar inustry in Thailand. It is a country with various geographical landmarkes. It has excellent beaches and island in the south. The offshore islands include Ko Samui famous for raucous full-moon parties; Phuket Island, the most popular one, with palm-fringed beaches and scuba diving, while Ko Pha Ngan which is the well-known "007 Island" or  "James Bond Island" attracting lots of visitors around the world to come every year. The Phang Nga Bay features craggy limestone karsts rising from the water. In the north, although, there is no access to the sea, the mountian villages with tribe culture are attracting thousands of tourists every year and you can enjoy your time with the elephants or bold monkey there as well. Your visit will not be complete without some awesome trekking there. Archaeological sites at Ayutthaya and Sukhothai will uncover the secrets of the history of Thailand for you. Khao Yai and Khao Sok national parks in the south offer trekking in rainforest and wildlife viewing. Thailand has a modern busy city, as Bangkok is the commercial city of the country. Chiang Mai a small chaming city with lots of wonderful handcrifts is another center in the north.

Tourists visit floating market

Thailand has abundant travel resources and Thai people has grasp the opportunity in travel industry and tailored itself so such, therefore, the "land of smile" is easy to go country. Even if you travel alone, you will never be lonely as you will meet a lot of people from other countries aboard. 

Thailand is developed and provides you with all kind of modern day facilities. Your stay in Thailand will be marked with beautiful and majestic views of beach and mountains as well as some classic trek. Thailand can be a lifetime travel destination and you will never regret visiting this marvelous country.

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