Top 3 Buying Gifts from China for Him

Last Updated: January 08,2020

Shopping for men has always been more difficult due to their limited accessories and less interest in dress-ups. To buy anything for them, one should be fully aware of their interest and what can generally attract them. 

However, China brings you a lot of gifts, dressing options, and more to impress your guy. This place has a variety of things that you can take back home for any special guy in your life i.e. your brother, father, boyfriend, husband or best friend. Here are some of the great and unique gifts that you can buy. We hope that it can help you out with your shopping plans and save some of your precious time.

Chinese Board Games

One of the first things that come to mind when we think about China is their board games. They have so many classic board games. One of which is Mahjong, highly popular and a great gift for you guy. There are other games like Chinese Chess, Chinese checkers, Mancala, and Backgammon etc which are equally fun to play. 

Another great thing is that they are available in so many places like electronic markers, Chinese wholesale markets, toy shops, touristy spots. So, it's easy to buy and still a great gift, what more can you want?

For more on the rules of Mahjong, read this.

Chinese Puzzles

No matter who you are, everybody loves challenging and intriguing puzzles. They help your brain work hard and keep it active. Chinese shops have a lot of such puzzles that can be a perfect gift for a guy. 

There is generally two kinds of puzzle seen here. One is entirely made up of wood. It has wooden blocks of different size and shapes and you are supposed to arrange them in different combinations to complete it. Chinese cross is one of the wooden kinds of puzzle. If you are aware of the burr puzzles, these are easy to locate. 

The other types of puzzles are made of metal and contain metal rings which are supposed to be connected and disconnected to complete the puzzle. Again, it's a cool and fascinating idea for a puzzle. 

Make sure your guy loves a mental challenge and have enough patience because they are not going to be easy. 

Calligraphy Sets

If your guy is naturally drawn towards arts and has an interest in diverse arts and culture around the world, this calligraphy set is the perfect gift for him. Chinese calligraphy is filled with history and art. 

They are available in all size and shapes. The set includes paint brushes, carving tools, seals, stamps and different colored inks like black, blue, red. Further links and tools can also be present depending upon the complexity and size of the set. This calligraphy set can be bought from several places including fake markets in Shangai and Beijing. Other places include Tianzifang and Yu Garden in Shanghai and Sanlitun in Beijing. 

Silk Pajamas or Robes

Although silk looks gorgeous on women, it is not limited to them. Chinese shopping areas sell most silk-made clothes for men as well. You can easily find Silk robes or pajamas for guys. There are neckties and shirts with traditional prints as well. The quality of the garments is great and unique. 

Where to buy? 

Touristy places like Tianzifang and Yu Garden. Also, Fabric Market in Shangai.

Beijing: The Silk Museum 

Chinese Art

Chinese Art is considered one of the gigantic forms of art throughout the globe. There are several categories and types however if you are looking to gift them to a guy, Chinese scrolls and paintings with important figures depicting the history and culture of China should be your choice. Other themes like “the Four Beauties" and scenery of Guilin's hills can also be a great gift option.  

One of the popular types of Chinese art is Shui-mo ('water-ink') which is really a painting made of watercolors. You can buy these in fake markets, wholesale markets. There are so many markets for tourists throughout Beijing, Shanghai, and other larger cities.  

It is also recommended to visit M50 Art District in Shanghai and Qibao water town, Sanlitun in Beijing to explore artistic skills of contemporary Chinese Artists. Their artwork is usually fresh and unique.  

Chinese Baijiu ('White Liquor')

Chinese Baijiu or Shaojiu is white liquor made up of 50% of alcohol is a perfect take back home gift for a guy who enjoys a strong drink. You can add this to your home bar and serve friends and relatives while telling them about this liquor. It is distilled most commonly from rice, but wheat and barley are also used depending on the region. It is used in many of the Chinese occasions.

Moutai, Er Guo Tuo, and Wuliangye are the best brands of Chinese Baijiu. Remember, before trying it you should be prepared for its acrid taste that can cause a burning feeling down your throat with the first sip. You will get used to it with time.

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