Shopping & Market in China

Last Updated: February 04,2020

China’s has an unlimited choice for potential shopping places. Shopping in China looks like as much fun as does sightseeing in China. Make sure to pack lightly when traveling to China as your luggage is surely going to be overflowing by the end of your stay in China.

China’s shopping map – things you can buy in different places

There are countless shopping options available in China which makes it's very hard for the travelers to choose amongst them. Different places in China have different souvenirs. Buy one when you see it as you might not see it elsewhere. Some tips and tricks have been highlighted here so you can easily choose what all to get.

  • Beijing: it is famous for cloisonné also known as freshwater pearls.

  • Shanghai: you will find the best silk carpets (qipaos) here.

  • Hangzhou: It is popular for its Longjing tea.

  • Suzhou: It has the finest silk.

  • Guilin: It has beautiful scroll paintings and the South China Sea pearls.

  • Tibet: you can shop for thangka (sheep skin wall hangings) over here.

  • Xi'an: house of copies of the furniture from the Terracotta Warriors era.

  • Xinjiang: you can find some of the best carpets and best quality jade articles here along with delicious dried fruit.

  • Guangzhou: house to many wholesale markets where you can find all from clothes, shoes, and toys to electronic products.

Things you should buy when visiting China


Clothing from all brands is available here. Prices are so good that you end up thinking if the respective brand clothes are real or fake. It is advisable to avoid the purchase of items such as Gore-tex jackets, shoes and backpacks owing to the fact that maybe they are replicated and have been made of low-quality products.


Guilin has beautiful scroll paintings and calligraphy, carvings. Of course, they are quite expensive but surely a collector item. You can find lots of things for your house here as well and at better rates considering how well your bargaining skills are

Jade and porcelain

The jade available in Mainland China is known to be cheaper yet better in quality than anywhere else. Same is believed true for the porcelain as well.

Stone seals

You should surely get one of the “chops”— it is a stone that you can get your name engraved on it. 

Real antiques

When on the lookout for stores or markets that has real antiques, you will come across antiques that are over a century old. You cannot exit the country with these items if you do not have an export certificate with an official wax seal provided by the seller.

A popular place to find a beautiful peace is the Shanghai Friendship Store. Antiques dating back to the end of the 17th century cannot be taken out of the country, with or without a seller certificate and seal.


You will find a lot of random yet interesting stuff like clay figurines, and kites in China. The cool thing about them will be that they will have intricate drawings inside. It makes for a cute souvenir and gift.

Many bone products made from the bones of oxen and camels can be found here. You will also come across many good quality cutleries sets and items. 

Amongst other items that are found in China and make popular gifts are items such as silk fabrics, embroidered stuff, Lacquerware, reproduction antiques, and traditional Chinese jewelry.

Places to shop in China

China is a beautiful place both for sightseeing and shopping. It is the ultimate shopping destination that has some amazing goods from all over the world in its markets. Both local and international items are available in its markets. 

During a visit to China, the places that fall into the must-see category are the innumerable local markets for shopping, the shopping malls, friendship stores, and factory outlets. These places are a common sight in the bigger Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Hong Kong.

City guides and websites online can direct you to the right place to shop for whatever you are looking for.

Getting the perfect gift for your loved one

This is the ultimate guide that helps you to find the most amazing gift for people in your life. Whether searching for the perfect gift for your family, your lady love or your friends you will find top quality gift items of all kinds here.

Bargaining in China

As per a popular saying that states "Everything in China is negotiable", you should polish up on your haggling skills and bargain all you can so that you don’t end up paying more than the items worth.

You are bound to walk away with the price of your choice if you have good bargaining skills, especially in the larger shopping malls. Change should always be ready at hand for this purpose. The main reason behind this is that the sellers will usually not give you the change of a 100 yuan note.

You will find some of the best stuff that money can buy in the capital of China. Having the knowledge that what is available where in China will end up with you getting the best price.

Shopping is not compulsory

You don’t need to feel as if your trip to China will be incomplete without shopping. In fact, you are given an option by our guides if you want to opt for tours that include shopping or shopping free tours.

Although the tour guides will initially be quite enthusiastic to show you around places that offer shopping if you check the NO SHOP policy then you will not be taken to shopping areas and there will be no pressure on you to shop.

If you go for the YES shopping option, then you will find several keen sellers wanting to sell their stuff to you. It still does not mean that a purchase is necessary. You can politely say no.

The sellers along the street are harder to get rid of. There will be some seller who will be desperate to make a sale and will literally follow you around for quiet a distance from their shop. Ignoring them is the best policy.

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