Buying Gifts for Your Lady in China

Last Updated: January 08,2020

Are you buying a present for a woman? Not sure about what to gift to her? Buying a gift for your girl can leave you in a constant state of confusion, especially if you know a lot of things that make her happy. If you are traveling to China and want to shop for your loved one, then you are in trouble because you will be spoilt for choice owing to the availability of countless gift items. We have made a list of the top four gift items for you that your lady love is sure to be impressed with. 


The Chinese silk comes from the silkworms. The silk is extracted from these worms and is famous for both its quality and popularity. It is amongst the top selling items of China. In fact, it won't be wrong to say that it's amongst the most shopped for gifts in China. It is not just plain silk that's popular but beautiful silk shawls and silk qipaos also make for lovely gifts. Chinese bathrobes and slippers made from silk are another popular gift item. If you are looking for such items then a visit to the 'Beijing Silk Museum' and the 'Silk Market' in Beijing and the 'Fabric Market' in Shanghai is a must for you. 

Try to squeeze in a visit to Shanghai Tang. You will not be disappointed.

But before you purchase any silk item you need to make sure that you can tell original silk from the fake one. A few ways to tell both apart have been listed below.

  • If the silk makes a sound against your hand similar to the sound that comes from walking on snow then it's authentic.

  • Hand-woven silk is uneven. If it's not then you should know that it's a fake.

  • If the silk piece goes “through” your wedding ring then it's certainly pure 

  • Authentic silk has a very nice fall and is very soft to the touch. It absorbs moisture and its colors are very shiny and vibrant. 


If you have not had Chinese tea then you have not gotten a taste of the real China. It is the ultimate drink for the health-conscious individuals as well.

The history of tea dates back to the origin of China. All kinds of tea namely green tea, black tea and white tea are manufactured by various brands. In China, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to tea.

What's the best place to purchase tea in China? 

The best place to purchase tea in China would have to be the Chinese tea houses. These tea houses are situated all over China. When you go to a tea house, they treat you as a prized guest and seat you at a table where the Chinese host tells you all about the origin of Chinese tea and how to make it. You are given samples to taste, and then you are taken to the tea store where you can select and buy whichever teas you want. It is a gift for the tea lover in your life.

Here's some more information on the Chinese Tea's History and Culture.


The best porcelain is available in China. It is also known as “China.” Porcelain is a significant feature of the Chinese culture and hence not only a costly but an attractive present for your loved one. There are several Porcelain gifts you can choose from for instance going for an elegant tea set would be a winner.

The origin of Porcelain dates back to almost 2000 years ago in China in Jingdezhen. The artists do a fine job painting these pottery items. Their work is simply breathtaking. Blue and white is a popular combination on these pottery items and hence these colors on pottery are associated with the traditional Chinese porcelain. We will tell you more about it here.


Which woman does not love pearls? The Chinese pearls are sure to bring a smile to her face. They are both beautiful and expensive.  

What's the best place to buy pearls in China? If in Beijing, the best place to learn about and buy pearls would be the 'Pearl Museum.' The museum even gives you an oyster as a giveaway. Apart from this museum Beijing also has a 'Pearl Market' where you can buy some of the finest pearls.


Some of the popular pearl markets in Shanghai are 'Pearl City Market', the 'Shanghai Tourist Product Shopping Mall' and the 'First Asia Jewelry Plaza'. Shanghai and Beijing are home to some of the biggest pearl markets in China. Other cities in China have relatively smaller markets of pearls. You can get complete information here More on pearl shopping in Shanghai

It is important that you should be able to tell the difference between real and fake pearls before purchasing them. A few ways to differentiate between them have been listed below.

  • You can tell a real pearl from its temperature. It's cool to touch but within a few seconds, it becomes warmer against your touch.

  • When examined beneath the magnifying lens, the most genuine of pearls will have many irregularities. If they are perfect, then they are fake.

  • Real pearls have a beautiful shine and depth. They do not have a glassy-look.

  • An interesting way to tell if a pearl is real is to take two pearls and rub them together. If there are a powdery residue and friction, then that means they are real

  • Checking the tinge on a pearl's surface is a good way of telling if it's fake or not. The real pearl will change color when placed in water.

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