Hakone in Autumn 2024: Enjoy Best Fall Foliage in the Famous Onsen Town in Japan

Last Updated: July 04,2024

Hakone, which has been recognized as Japan's No. 1 hot spring town for many times, is also a great place for viewing maple leaves in Japan. Surrounded by mountains, it features a beautiful lake view and a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji. In Hakone, the scenery varies from season to season, and during the best time to admire Hakone autumn leaves 2024, the mountains, lakes, and parks of Hakone are dyed a fiery red, setting off each other to make for a particularly stunning view.

Table of Contents

1. Hakone Autumn Leaves Forecast 2024

2. Top 11 Spots to See Hakone Autumn Foliage 2024

3. Things to Do in Hakone Autumn 2024

4. Where to Stay in Hakone during Fall Foliage Season 2024

5. Can You See Fuji from Hakone in Autumn 2024

6. Transportation Guide to Visiting Hakone in the Fall 2024

Hakone Autumn Leaves in Mid-November

1. Best Time to View Hakone Fall Foliage 2024

The color that better represents Japan than the pink of cherry blossoms in spring is the red of maple leaves in autumn, and seeing the fall foliage is one of the top 15 things to see and do in Japan. When autumn begins at the end of September, the reddish color begins to appear in Hokkaido, the northernmost part of the country. As the cold air continues to move southward, the maple trees in the Kanto region, as well as those in Kinki and Kyushu, are covered in red makeup and their leaves gradually turn red after a three-month "dyeing period". The line that runs from north to south is called the "Red Leaf Front," and viewing autumn leaves is called "紅葉狩り". In late October, the Hakone autumn leaves turn red. According to the Japan fall foliage forecast 2024, from early November to late November is the best time to see Hakone autumn foliage 2024.

2. 11 Best Places to Enjoy Hakone Autumn Leaves 2024

Hakone is one of the most popular sightseeing spots for both local people and foreign travelers. In autumn in Hakone, the hot springs are just one of the many attractions that it is proud of, as its autumn foliage is also noteworthy. There are some great spots to enjoy the Hakone fall foliage 2024, such as Gora Park, the Hakone Museum of Art, Lake Ashi, and the Hakone Tozan Railway, etc.

Hakone Fall Foliage

Hakone Gōra Park: Admire the Best Hakone Fall Foliage in Japan's first French-style Landscaped Garden

Best time to enjoy Hakone Gora Park Autumn 2024: Mid-November to late November

Hakone Gora Park, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014, is the first French-style garden in Japan. A wide variety of trees and vegetation are planted in the symmetrical left-right garden that is centered on the fountain. The fountain is surrounded by deciduous trees, and during autumn in Hakone 2024, the foliage will become even more colorful with the red leaves.

Address: 1300 Gora, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa 250-0408, Japan

Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM

Phone: +81 460-82-2825

Hakone Ropeway: Enjoy a 360-degree View of the Owakudani Autumn Scenery with White Smoke Swirling in the Air

Best time to experience Hakone Ropeway autumn 2024: Late October to Mid-November

The Hakone Tozan Railway, a famous tourist attraction in Hakone, reaches a high point of popularity during the maple leaf season and is bustling with many sightseers who come to enjoy the Hakone autumn foliage 2024. The Hayakawa Bridge between Tanosawa and Ohiradai is a recommended spot where you can enjoy both the Hakone autumn leaves and the valley at the same time.

Hakone Ropeway

Hakone Museum of Art: Featuring a "Moss Garden" Decorated with 130 Kinds of Moss and 200 Maple Trees

Best time to enjoy Hakone Autumn 2024 at Hakone Museum of Art: Mid-November to Late November

The best spot for viewing autumn leaves in Hakone 2024 will slowly move down the mountain from Lake Ashi as the fall foliage season goes by. The Hakone Museum of Art (near Gora Park), which is known as the most famous museum in Hakone, is a place where you can enjoy this subtle change. Although the Hakone Museum of Art is not very large, there is really a view at every step, and the exquisite Japanese-style garden blends beautifully with the red leaves. The Japanese garden, which you can see from the tea room, has more than 170 trees with maple leaves colored in flaming red, and the view during the Hakone autumn foliage season is so beautiful that you can't help but catch your breath. Another special feature of the garden is that the maples are planted on moss-covered vegetation, which is lush, green, and well-maintained. In addition, compared with some scenic spots full of tourists, the Hakone Museum of Art really is not too crowded. Even if you arrive at two o'clock in the afternoon, you can still quietly admire the Hakone autumn colors here.

Address: 1300 Gora, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa 250-0408, Japan

Hours: Opens 9:30 AM

Phone: +81 460-82-2623

Choanji: One of the Famous Spots to View Hakone Fall Colors

Best time to experience the Hakone autumn season 2024 at Choanji: Early to mid-November

Choanji is a temple founded in the first year of the Manji era (1658) in Sengokuhara. Surrounded by the richness of nature, the temple was built to harmonize the red foliage with the environment and to create a place of elegance. On both sides of the road are statues called "Five Hundred Rohan". They are a collection of 500 disciples of Sakya with rich expressions of joy, anger, sadness, and happiness, which are accompanied by different states of mind of the people of the world. The statues of Rohan with their different expressions and human touch, together with the colorful red leaves, create the unique atmosphere of the Choanji in Hakone autumn.

Address: 82 Sengokuhara, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa 250-0631, Japan

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 460-84-8187

Daiyuzan Saijoji Temple: Treasure Spot to Enjoy Autumn Foliage around Hakone

Best time to see Hakone Maple Leaves 2024 at Daiyuzan Saijoji Temple: Mid-November to Early December

If you are in Tokyo or Hakone in late November or early December, you can enjoy the autumn leaves at Daiyuzan Saijoji Temple around Hakone. The fall foliage season here is about the same time as in Tokyo, but later than in Hakone, so if you miss the autumn leaves in Hakone 2024, you are highly recommended taking a visit here. There are about 20,000 cedar trees, which are about 500 years old, in the precincts of the temple, so you can stay cool even during the daytime on the way to the temple. The foliage leaves of the temple, which is located in a secluded area of the mountain, are very colorful during the Hakone maple leaf season. The scenes of maple leaves falling on the moss of the temple have a Zen-like atmosphere, which makes it one of the best spots to see the Hakone autumn leaves in the mountain.

Many Japanese people come here to worship, but there are very few tourists. Compared with the bustling Hakone Owakudani, it is a much quieter place where you can enjoy the best Hakone red leaves with a clear mind in the old temple.

Access: Take the Daiyuzan Line from Odawara Station to "Daiyūzan Station".

Lake Ashi: Take a Cruise to See Mt Fuji from Hakone in Autumn

Best time to experience Lake Ashi Autumn 2024: Early to Late November

Before taking a trip to Japan in autumn, you may wonder can you see Mount Fuji from Hakone? Of course yes. Lake Ashinoko, a symbol of Hakone, offers an excellent view of Mt. Fuji against the backdrop of red leaves in the fall season. You can take photos of Fuji mountain together with the torii of Hakone Shrine when cruising on Lake Ashi, which is a representative of Japan, to make your Japan autumn tour 2024 more memorable.

Fall in Hakone

Ashinoko Sky Line: A Popular Winding Mountain Road among Drivers

Best time to appreciate the Hakone autumn foliage 2024 at Ashinoko Sky Line: Early to Late November

From the Hakone Korakate, you can enjoy a stunning view of Mt. Fuji. Looking down from the Lake View Observatory of the rest house, you can admire the red leaves of Lake Ashinoko as far as the eye can see, and it is a unique view of the Lake Ashinoko skyline during the Hakone fall foliage season.

Owakudani: Enjoy Panoramic Views of Mt. Fuji from Owakudani in the Belly of Kanmurigadake Mountain

Best time to enjoy Hakone red leaves 2024 at Owakudani: Late October to Mid-November

Owakudani in Hakone-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, is a must-see in Hakone, with the best autumn foliage viewing time around the area in mid-November. The mountainous red leaves look unique against the backdrop of smoke erupting from volcanic activity. This is the earliest area in Hakone where you can see beautiful maple leaves. With the backdrop of the Mount Fuji view in the distance, the autumn scenery here is extraordinary.

Address: 1251 Sengokuhara, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa 250-0631, Japan

Hours: Opens 9 AM

Phone: +81 460-84-5201

Hakone-Yumoto: Stroll around Haya River and Sukumogawa to Enjoy Hakone Autumn Colors

Best time to see Hakone fall foliage 2024 at Yumoto: Early to Mid-December

Hakone Yumoto has a lot of history, dating back to the Nara Period in 738 (Tenpyo 10). At the foot of the Asahibashi Bridge over the Hayakawa River, there is still a bathhouse where Hōjō Sōun used to relax his tired feet. As you walk along Hayakawa and Sukumogawa, you can see the valley scenery with red leaves. This is also a perfect route to enjoy the Hakone autumn trip 2024.

Hakone Autumn Foliage

Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands: A Less-Crowded Place to Enjoy Hakone Autumn Colours

Best time to enjoy autumn Hakone 2024 at Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands: Early to Middle November

In Sengokuhara, during the frosty month of November, Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands is transformed into a reddish color like the maple leaves, which is called "赤い葉 草" by the Japanese. It is decorated with the fruits of other trees, as well as the small bellflowers of Adenophora takedae and Polygonum conspicuum, making it a colorful place to spend an afternoon enjoying Hakone in the fall season. Pay attention that Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands is closed in the winter season from December 1 to March 19 every year.

Address: 817 Sengokuhara, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa 250-0631, Japan

Hours: Closes 5 PM

Phone: +81 460-84-7293

Sengokuhara Susuki Grass Fields: A Must-visit Place to Experience the Essence of Japan Autumn Colors

Best time to experience Hakone Fall Colors 2024 at Sengokuhara Susuki Grass Fields: Mid to Late November

Maple leaves and ginkgoes are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of autumn in Japan, while the relatively unassuming Miscanthus is easily forgotten. Autumn is the season when the grasses are at their most gorgeous, and the fluffy, golden yellow grasses glisten in the sunlight, providing an amazing view. Sengokuhara is the largest manzanita plateau in the Kanto region. From the southern foot of Mount Ashigara to the northern and western foot of Daigatake, the silvery glow of the grasses is one of the representative landscapes of Hakone in autumn. Sengokuhara Susuki Grass Fields is listed as one of the "Top 50 Sightseeing Spots in Kanagawa" and one of the "Top 100 Flower Viewing Spots in Kanagawa," and attracts many tourists every year to enjoy fall in Hakone. From the plateau, which is golden in color in autumn, you can see the harmony between the outer mountains, such as Mount Ashigara, and the marshlands. The grasslands, mountains, and the sky are all blended together as far as the eye can see, and you can feel the crispness of autumn in Hakone. The 180,000-square-meter grassland is covered in dazzling gold, making for a spectacular view. As you walk along the 500-meter-long trail to the top of the grassy meadow, you can enjoy an enchanting view of the windswept grasses and Mount Hakone, and during the best time to enjoy Hakone autumn colors, you can shoot the stunning Sengokuhara Susuki Grass Fields photos here.

Address: Sengokuhara, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa 250-0631, Japan

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 460-85-7410

Hakone in Autumn

Choose your favorite spots to enjoy Hakone fall foliage 2024. If you hope to experience more Japan autumn colors, check out the best places for autumn leaves in Japan for further reading.

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3. More Things to Do during Hakone Autumn Tour 2024

Although Hakone is beautiful all year round, it stands out in the fall. From October to November, Hakone is drenched in bright reds and yellows, adding lively color to the already beautiful scenery. In addition to experiencing cruising on Lake Ashi and riding the Hakone Ropeway to enjoy the stunning autumn colors in Hakone, here are more things to do in Hakone autumn 2024.

Hakone Shrine

●Visit Hakone Shrine

Located on the shores of Lake Ashi, this picturesque shrine is surrounded by ancient cedar trees that turn brilliant shades of red and orange during autumn.

Enjoy Local Festivals

Depending on the timing of your visit, you might be able to attend local festivals celebrating the autumn season. Check for events like the Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu (Feudal Lord's Procession) on November 3 or local temple festivals.

Experience Hakone's Museums

Discover art installations set against the backdrop of nature's autumn palette at the Hakone Open-Air Museum which offers a unique blend of art and natural beauty, or visit the Hakone Venetian Glass Museum which features beautiful glass art pieces and a lovely garden.

Japan Onsen

Relax in Hot Springs

Hakone is famous for its hot springs and it is one of the popular destinations to enjoy Onsen in Japan. Unwind in a traditional onsen bath while enjoying the crisp autumn air.

Take a Scenic Train Ride

Ride the Hakone Tozan Railway, a scenic mountain train that traverses through valleys and tunnels with stunning views of the surrounding autumn landscapes.

Hiking in the Hakone Mountains

Explore the hiking trails around Hakone, such as the trail from Hakone Yumoto to Owakudani or the Daigatake Trail. These paths offer breathtaking views of the autumn foliage.

Try Local Cuisine

Sample seasonal delicacies such as roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms that are abundant during autumn. Be sure to try the local specialty in Owakudani, black eggs boiled in the hot springs, which are said to add seven years to your life!


●Explore Owakudani

Visit Owakudani, a volcanic valley with active sulfur vents and hot springs. Take a nature walk along the hiking trails to observe the volcanic activity amidst the backdrop of autumn foliage.

Discover Historical Sites

Visit Hakone Checkpoint (Hakone Sekisho) or the Hakone Shrine Mototsumiya, and the Pola Museum of Art to learn about Hakone's rich history and culture while enjoying the autumn atmosphere.

Experience Yosegi Zaiku Craft

Visit a workshop where artisans create traditional Hakone woodcraft known as Yosegi Zaiku. These intricate patterns are often made using different types of wood and are beautiful souvenirs to take home.

>>>Consult our traveler experts to tailor your Hakone autumn itinerary, ensuring a memorable trip during the enchanting fall foliage season.

Hakone Red Leaves

4. Where to Stay in Hakone Japan during Maple Leaf Season 2024

If you're traveling to Hakone in autumn 2024, be sure to stay overnight, dip in the hot springs, taste the delicious local cuisine, and take your time to soak up the warm and passionate atmosphere of the blazing red leaves in Hakone.

Here are our top 4 Hakone Ryokans with private Onsen, pick your favorite one for a comfortable stay during your visit to Hakone in autumn 2024.

Ryokan Name



Phone Number


Hakone Kamon


3-star Hotel

Private Open-air Bath Room with Its Own   Source of Water


+81 460-85-5050

435 Yumoto, Hakone, Ashigarashimo   District, Kanagawa 250-0311, Japan

Hakone Kowakien TEN-YU

5-star Hotel

All Rooms Come with Hot Spring Open-air   Baths


+81 465-20-0260

1297 Ninotaira, Hakone, Ashigarashimo   District, Kanagawa 250-0407, Japan

Hotel Okada

3-star Hotel

Popular Open-air Bath Overlooking the   Majestic Mountains of Hakone

+81 460-85-6000

191 Yumotochaya, Hakone, Ashigarashimo   District, Kanagawa 250-0312, Japan

Ryokan Aura Tachibana

4-star Hotel

Natural Hot Spring Baths with Mountain   Views

+81 460-85-5541

574 Yumoto, Hakone, Ashigarashimo   District, Kanagawa 250-0311, Japan

Experience the traditional Japanese hospitality by staying in a ryokan recommended above where you can relax in tatami rooms and taste kaiseki meals featuring seasonal ingredients. You will enjoy your Hakone autumn trip during the best time to view red leaves 2024.

5. Can You See Mt Fuji from Hakone

When mentioning Hakone, you must think of hot springs. In the fall, Hakone is decorated with enchanting red leaves. In addition to soaking in the natural onsen, you can also enjoy the experience of appreciating the Hakone foliage scenery, especially with a view of Mt. Fuji. But do you know how to see Mount Fuji from Hakone?

Take a Cruise on Lake Ashi to Enjoy Mount Fuji together with the Torii of Hakone Shrine

A cruise on Lake Ashi not only offers stunning views of Mt. Fuji (if the weather is clear) but also allows you to enjoy the autumn scenery reflected in the lake's waters.

Cruise on Lake Ashi

Dip in Hakone Onsen with Mt Fuji View

Unwinding and soaking in the therapeutic waters while surrounded by autumn colors will make your trip to Hakone in the fall more memorable and enjoyable. Places like Yunessun or Tenzan Tohji-kyo offer a variety of bathing experiences for your Hakone autumn 2024 tour. For ultimate enjoyment in Hakone during autumn, don't miss the Hakone private Onsen with Mount Fuji view. You can consider the Hotel Green Plaza Hakone, where both men's and women's open-air baths offer a close-up view of Mount Fuji's majestic mountain scenery, or Ryuguden, whose large open-air bath offers you both views of Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji at the same time.

Further Reading>>>Hakone Onsen with Mt Fuji View

These are two comfortable ways to enjoy the Fuji view from Hakone. If you have more ideas on how to see Mt Fuji from Hakone, feel free to tell us so as to tailor your Hakone fall tour itinerary.

Hakone Autumn

6. Transportation Guide to Travelling to Hakone in Autumn

Visiting Hakone in the fall, you can enjoy natural hot springs, appreciate the stunning red leaves, and view the majestic Mount Fuji from afar, making Hakone an essential stop on any traveler's Japan itinerary. Here is our transportation guide to enjoying Hakone autumn 2024.

Tokyo – Hakone

●How far is Tokyo to Hakone?

The distance from Tokyo to Hakone varies depending on your specific starting point in Tokyo and your destination within Hakone. Here are approximate distances to some key points in Hakone:

Tokyo Station to Odawara Station (gateway to Hakone):

Approximately 80 kilometers (50 miles) southwest of Tokyo Station

Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station (central Hakone):

Approximately 85 kilometers (53 miles) southwest of Shinjuku Station

Tokyo city center to Moto-Hakone (northern part of Hakone):

Approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) southwest of central Tokyo

These distances are approximate and can vary based on your exact starting and ending points within Tokyo and Hakone. If you still have no idea on how far from Tokyo to Hakone, keep in mind that the travel time typically ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the mode of transportation and traffic conditions.

●How to get to Hakone from Tokyo

Getting to Hakone from Tokyo is relatively straightforward and can be done by several modes of transportation. Here are the common ways to travel from Tokyo to Hakone:

By Train:

Tokyo to Odawara Station:

Shinkansen (Bullet Train): Take the Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Odawara Station. The journey takes about 35-40 minutes on the fastest trains (e.g., Kodama trains).

JR Tokaido Line: Alternatively, you can take the JR Tokaido Line from Tokyo Station to Odawara Station. This route takes approximately 90 minutes.

Odawara to Hakone:

From Odawara Station, transfer to the Hakone Tozan Railway (also known as the Odakyu Line) to Hakone-Yumoto Station. This scenic train ride takes about 15-20 minutes.

By Bus:

Highway Buses: Direct highway buses operate from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to various points in Hakone, including Hakone-Yumoto and Moto-Hakone. The journey takes about 2 to 2.5 hours depending on traffic and the specific destination within Hakone.

By Car:

Rental Car: If you prefer driving, you can rent a car in Tokyo and drive to Hakone. The journey takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic and the exact starting point in Tokyo.

Kyoto - Hakone

You have several transportation options on how to get to Hakone from Kyoto. Here's how you can make the journey:

●How to go from Kyoto to Hakone?

By Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and Train:

Kyoto to Odawara Station:

Take the Shinkansen (Tokaido Shinkansen) from Kyoto Station to Odawara Station. The journey takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the type of Shinkansen (e.g., Hikari, Kodama).

Odawara to Hakone:

From Odawara Station, transfer to the Hakone Tozan Railway (also known as the Odakyu Line) to Hakone-Yumoto Station. The train ride takes about 15-20 minutes.

By Bus:

Highway Buses: Direct highway buses operate from Kyoto Station to various points in Hakone, including Hakone-Yumoto and Moto-Hakone. The journey takes about 5 to 6 hours depending on traffic and the specific destination within Hakone.

By Car:

Rental Car: If you prefer driving, you can rent a car in Kyoto and drive to Hakone. The journey takes approximately 5 to 6 hours depending on traffic and the exact starting point in Kyoto.

Hakone - Mt Fuji

When in Hakone, you must wonder "Can I see Mount Fuji from Hakone", "How far is Mt Fuji from Hakone" and "How to get from Hakone to Mt Fuji". Here is the transportation guide to getting to Mount Fuji from Hakone.

●How far is Hakone from Mt Fuji?

Hakone and Mount Fuji are relatively close to each other in terms of geographical distance, but the specific distance can vary depending on which part of Hakone and Mount Fuji you are referring to:

Hakone to Mount Fuji's 5th Station:

The distance from Hakone to Mount Fuji's 5th Station (where many climbers start their ascent) is approximately 30 to 40 kilometers (18 to 25 miles) as the crow flies.

Hakone to Mount Fuji's Summit:

Hakone is situated to the east of Mount Fuji. The distance from Hakone to the summit of Mount Fuji is about 50 to 60 kilometers (30 to 37 miles) depending on the specific location within Hakone and the route taken.

●How to get to Mt Fuji from Hakone?

By Bus:

Direct Bus from Hakone to Mount Fuji 5th Station:

During the climbing season (typically from early July to early September), direct highway buses operate from Hakone to Mount Fuji's 5th Station. These buses usually depart from Hakone-Yumoto Station or Moto-Hakone. The journey takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

By Train and Bus:

Hakone to Gotemba Station:

From Hakone-Yumoto Station, take the Hakone Tozan Railway (Odakyu Line) to Odawara Station. Transfer to the JR Tokaido Line and travel to Kozu Station. At Kozu Station, transfer to the JR Gotemba Line and travel to Gotemba Station.

Gotemba Station to Mount Fuji 5th Station:

From Gotemba Station, take a bus bound for Mount Fuji 5th Station. Buses operate frequently during the climbing season and take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to reach the 5th Station, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

By Car:

Rental Car from Hakone to Mount Fuji 5th Station:

Renting a car in Hakone and driving to Mount Fuji's 5th Station is another option. The drive typically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic and the exact starting point in Hakone.

Additional Tips on Hakone Transportation

Hakone Free Pass: Consider purchasing a Hakone Free Pass, which provides unlimited travel on specified modes of transportation within Hakone and discounts to many attractions. It can be purchased at major railway stations such as Shinjuku, or Odawara, and covers the round-trip fare to Hakone.

Traffic Information: Check traffic conditions if traveling by car or bus, especially during weekends or holidays when congestion is more likely.

Luggage: If traveling by train, consider the size of your luggage as space may be limited, especially on the Hakone Tozan Railway.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to smoothly travel to Hakone and start enjoying the scenic beauty and relaxing atmosphere of Hakone in autumn 2024. If you are tired of the troublesome transportation, our tailored Japan tour guarantees you a private car and private guide. >>>Tell us your expectations to cater your private itinerary now!

Experience the Lake Ashi's Pirate Ship in Hakone


If you want to enjoy the red leaves, soak in a hot spring, and visit an art museum to get a taste of art and culture, then Hakone can definitely fulfill all your needs. Hakone is one of the main places where people want to get away from the hustle and bustle. Foliage in Hakone during autumn changes to orange and red tones. Plan a private tour to enjoy Hakone autumn leaves 2024 now.

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