Kyoto Fall Foliage 2024: A Guide to Viewing Autumn Leaves

Last Updated: June 21,2024

Autumn maple viewing in Japan has always been popular among tourists, and the Kansai region, a popular destination to see foliage in Japan, is predicted to have the most beautiful red maple scenery in mid-to late-November. Many people choose to visit Kyoto to enjoy its ancient beauty and immerse themselves in the history of the city while admiring the red leaves, which add a Japanese nostalgic flavor. Only in this historical city can you experience both the natural beauty and cultural charm at the same time. Here is the ultimate guide to the autumn foliage in Kyoto 2024.

Table of Contents

1. Kyoto Fall Foliage 2024 Forecast

2. Popular Places to See Fall Foliage in Kyoto 2024

3. Top 2024 Kyoto Foliage Viewing Spots to Avoid Crowds

4. Kyoto Autumn Illumination 2024 to View Red Leaves at Night

5. Best Ways to Enjoy Autumn Foliage in Kyoto 2024

Fall Foliage in Kyoto

1. Kyoto Autumn Leaves Forecast 2024

Japan maple season starts in late September in Hokkaido and ends in mid-December in Kyushu. But when is the best time to see autumn leaves in Kyoto? The Kyoto Red Leaves Season 2024 will start from early November to early December. It is well known that the time of the year when the foliage season begins is closely related to the temperature. If the minimum temperature stays below 8 degrees, the autumn leaves start to become colorful. If it stays around 5-6 degrees, it will color the mountains and fields with a bang.

Kyoto is located in the deep basin, and the difference in temperature and humidity between day and night is large. As a result, this unique condition creates an unparalleled beauty of the Kyoto red leaves season. If the summer is hot, the fall is forecast to be warmer than usual, so there is a chance that the Kyoto autumn leaves will be delayed.

Read our autumn leaves Japan forecast to know more about the fall foliage calendar, or stay tuned to our latest updates of Kyoto fall foliage forecast 2024 so as not to miss the best time to enjoy the Kyoto autumn foliage.

2. Best Places in Kyoto for Autumn Leaves 2024

Although there are many places to enjoy autumn foliage Kyoto, each one has a different charm, and the red leaves viewing period may also be different. We have selected 5 best Kyoto autumn colors viewing spots to recommend to everyone. You can choose the best place to see autumn leaves in Kyoto according to your own situation and follow us to enjoy the autumn colors Kyoto.

Kyoto Foliage in Rurikō-in Temple

Rurikō-in Temple: the No.1 Place to See the Best Autumn Leaves in Kyoto

Best Time to See Kyoto Autumn Foliage 2024 in Ruriko-in Temple: Early November to Early December

Rurikō-in Temple is located at the foot of Mount Hiei. This is not a temple, but an academy. Ruriko-in Temple is open for three to four weeks each year during the foliage season Kyoto. Once inside the Ruriko in Temple, you will realize that all the legends about the beauty of this best place in Kyoto for autumn leaves are all true. Indeed during the red maple season, there can be no other place in the world as beautiful as this place. The photos about Ruriko in Temple Kyoto are already beautiful, but the scenery seen by the eyes is many times more beautiful than the photos. The small and exquisite courtyards and pavilions in Rurikō-in Temple offer stunning views from every angle during Kyoto autumn.

Address: Japan, 〒606-0067 Kyoto, Sakyo Ward, Kamitakano Higashiyama, 55−55

Hours: Closes 5 PM

Phone: +81 75-781-4001

Tōfuku-ji Temple: Witness the Fire-red Tofuku-ji Tsutenkyo Bridge in Kyoto Autumn

Best Time to See Kyoto Fall Foliage 2024 at Tofuku-ji Temple: Early to Mid-November

Tofuku-ji Temple is located in the mountains in the eastern part of Kyoto, Japan. It is one of the famous red leaf viewing spots in Kyoto. Every autumn, thousands of tourists come here just to see the beautiful maple leaves that are like fire and blood. After entering Tofuku-ji Temple Kyoto, you can first visit the main buildings of the temple, such as the main hall, the three gates, etc. Then follow the signs to Tofuku-ji Tsutenkyo Bridge, which is one of the best places to admire the Kyoto red leaves in the temple. From the Tofuku-ji Tsutenkyo Bridge, you can overlook the entire temple and the autumn leaves all over the mountains and fields. The scenery of the fall colors Kyoto here is very spectacular. In addition, you can walk along the walking path inside the temple to enjoy the beauty of the autumn leaves in Tofuku ji Temple up close.

Address: 15 Chome-778 Honmachi, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 605-0981, Japan

Hours: Opens 9 AM

Phone: +81 75-561-0087

Fall Leaves Kyoto in Eikando Temple

Eikandō Temple: Enjoying Its Maple Scenery That Is Notable for Gradual Colors and Elegant Atmosphere

Best Time to See 2024 Kyoto Autumn Colors at Eikan do Temple: Mid-November to Early December

Eikando Temple is one of the three major attractions in Kyoto during the red leaf season, along with Rurikouin Temple and Tofukuji Temple. Eikan do Temple was originally used as a dojo for Shingon Esoteric Buddhism and was called "Zenrin Temple". Since ancient times, it has been a well-known holy place for viewing Momiji in Kyoto. During the best time to see autumn leaves in Kyoto, about 3,000 maple leaves decorate the temple and its spectacular red maple scenery also sets off the surrounding Tahoto Pagoda and Zenrinjimikagedo. From November to early December in Eikan-do Temple, night visits are open for a limited period, and Eikando Temple illumination is implemented to add a dreamy atmosphere to the foliage scenery.

Address: 48 Eikandocho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8445, Japan

Hours: Opens 9 AM

Phone: +81 75-761-0007

Kiyomizu Dera Autumn

Kiyomizu-Dera Temple: Experience the Ancient Temple Being Covered by the Spectacular Red Leaves in Kyoto

Best Time to See Kyoto Fall Leaves 2024 at Kiyomizu-dera Temple: around mid-to-late November

Kiyomizu-dera Autumn Illumination Hours: 6:00 p.m to 9:30 p.m

Kiyomizu-dera Temple is said to have Zen-like beauty all year round. Everyone knows that Kiyomizu-dera Temple is not only a symbol of Kyoto, but also a must-visit attraction in Kyoto to appreciate the red maple leaves. When the Kyoto autumn arrives, about 1,000 Japanese red leaves and maple trees in the temple gradually turn colors. Passing through Niomon Gate, a magnificent Kiyomizu Dera autumn scene slowly unfolds. Looking from the Kiyomizu Stage extending in front of the main hall to the valley on the south side, you will feel that it is a romantic ocean of red leaves. The streets of Kyoto and the mountains in the distance have all turned into wonderful embellishments. Walking to Kiyomizudera Okunoin, you can look back and will see the red clouds undulating in the autumn wind, with the main hall and stage floating leisurely above them. Standing near Kiyomizudera Koyasunoto Pagoda, the scene of the main hall, stage and three-story pagoda surrounded by a sea of red fall leaves once again amazes the eyes. There is no doubt that every frame of Kiyomizu Dera Temple autumn is a representative picture of fall colors Kyoto. Is Kiyomizu Dera open at night? Yes, Kiyomizudera Temple will also be specially opened at night during the maple viewing period and there will be Kiyomizu Dera night illumination to enjoy the different charms of the fall foliage in Kyoto.

Address: 1 Chome-294 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 605-0862, Japan

Hours: Closes 6 PM

Phone: +81 75-551-1234

Arashiyama Fall Foliage in Tenryu-ji

Arashiyama: 6 Maple Viewing Spots Awaiting You to Explore Arashiyama Autumn

Best Time to See Kyoto Fall Colors 2024 at Arashiyama: Early November to Early December

There are 6 maple-leaf viewing spots you must not miss when visiting Arashiyama during Kyoto's red foliage season.

Togetsukyo Bridge: From Togetsuki Bridge, you can look at Arashiyama, which is full of forest, and you can have a panoramic view of the colorful maple scenery in Arashiyama Kyoto autumn.

Tenryu-ji: it is a world cultural heritage with a history of more than 700 years. During the Arashiyama fall foliage season, the two most beautiful sceneries here are the "Sogenchi Teien" and the combination of red leaves and green bamboo near the north gate.

Jōjakkōji Temple is located at the foot of the quiet Kokura Mountain. It is surrounded by lush green forests in summer. During the autumn in Kyoto, it is one of the most popular places for admiring Japanese red maple. The most classic maple viewing scenery is "Niōmon Gate" and "Jojakkoji Tahoto Pagoda ".

Nisonin Temple is a hidden gem in Arashiyama. It is small but exquisite. Half an hour to an hour is enough to visit it. The "Red Leaf Horse Farm" lined with maple trees is also amazing, and this temple is suitable for tourists who want to avoid the crowds when seeing Arashiyama autumn leaves.

Hogan-in Temple is the tower head temple of Tenryuji Temple. It is a famous viewing spot for Arashiyama fall foliage and the only attraction in Arashiyama that is open to autumn night illumination.

Hōkyō-in Temple is less well-known than other autumn leaves viewing spots in Arashiyama, but there are very few tourists and the temple is quiet and simple. Sitting in the main hall and looking out to the courtyard is the best viewing angle of Hōkyō-in Temple. Each door is a natural picture frame with different views of Kyoto fall foliage.

Arashiyama Autumn Leaves near Togetsukyo Bridge

There are many more spots to view autumn foliage Kyoto, tell us your expectations and we will customize the perfect Kyoto autumn trip 2024 for you.

3. Less-crowded Spots to Enjoy Best Kyoto Autumn Leaves 2024

Kyoto is a popular city in Japan for fall foliage viewing. Unlike Tokyo fall foliage that is mainly distributed in parks, Kyoto's crimson maple leaves contrast with the quiet ancient buildings, adding a touch of Zen, to embody the beauty of "material sadness" pursued by the Japanese. Where are the best places to avoid crowds so as to quietly appreciate the autumn colors Kyoto?

Komyo-ji Temple

Best time to view 2024 Kyoto red leaves at Komyo ji Temple: mid-November to early December

When you enter the main gate of Komyo ji Temple Kyoto, the section on your left from the main gate to the Chishu Gate is called the "Maple Approach," and in autumn, the 200-meter-long tunnel of red leaves formed by the pine trees on both sides of the path is a breathtaking sight that makes you want to stop to enjoy the fall colors in Kyoto. Komyo ji Temple is one of Kyoto's best-known Momiji viewing spots, and the sky of red leaves and the verdant stone paths are beautiful, both in their colorful splendor when they are just changing color and in the late autumn when the leaves fall and cover the area in a carpet of red foliage in Kyoto.

Address: Saijo-ノ内26-1 Ao, Nagaokakyo, Kyoto 617-0811, Japan

Hours: Opens 9 AM

Phone: +81 75-955-0002

Saihō-ji (Koke-dera) Temple

Best time to see Kyoto fall colours 2024 at Saiho-ji Temple: early-November to late-November

Saiho-ji Temple was created by Musō Soseki. Its garden is also considered to be the finest of the gardens designed by him. Many people think that the summer rainy season is the best time to visit Moss Temple because of the more than 100 different kinds of mosses that are lush and green. But Saiho ji Temple Kyoto Japan is also stunningly beautiful in the fall. The Japanese red leaves on the maple trees and the moss on the ground complement each other, each excelling in its own way. The fluttering autumn leaves cover the thick moss on the ground, creating different patterns. Coupled with the different lights and shadows passing through the trees, it is absolutely beautiful during the autumn foliage season in Kyoto.

Address: 56 Matsuojingatanicho, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto, 615-8286, Japan

Phone: +81 75-391-3631

Kyoto Autumn Foliage in Sanzen in Temple

Sanzen-in Temple

Best time to enjoy Kyoto autumn 2024 at Sanzen-in Temple: mid-November

Sanzen in Temple is deeply located in the Ohara region, where the temperature difference between the mountain basins is greater than that in the urban area, so the colors of the maple leaves in Sanzen-in Temple are particularly bright every year during the Kyoto foliage season. From the mountain gate to the garden, everything is stained with the autumn colors Kyoto. Shuheki en garden in the Sanzen in Temple Kyoto is a pond-style ornamental garden that integrates various plants and trees, and its layers are fully displayed in autumn. The moss garden inside the temple is filled with autumn leaves of various colors, like a brocade blanket. Walking through such a beautiful mountain temple in maple leaves season in Kyoto, you will feel that even the sound of footsteps may be a disturbance.

Address: 540 Ohararaikoincho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 601-1242, Japan

Hours: Opens 9 AM

Phone: +81 75-744-2531

Kifune Shrine

Best time to appreciate the Kyoto Momiji 2024 at Kifune Shrine: early November to late November

Kyoto Kifune Shrine is an ancient shrine dedicated to the water god. It is not a classic Momiji viewing spot in Kyoto. During the fall foliage season, the "Kifune Autumn Leaves Lantern Festival" is held, where lanterns are displayed throughout the area. Visiting Kifune Shrine Kyoto requires hiking, and you can enjoy the natural autumn colors on the hillsides. The stairs are very beautiful when illuminated during the Kifune Shrine autumn maple season. In addition, you can experience the famous water divination at Kifune Shrine!

Address: 180 Kuramakibunecho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 601-1112, Japan

Hours: Opens 6 AM

Phone: +81 75-741-2016

How to get to Kifune Shrine: Get off at "Kifuneguchi Station" on the Eisan Electric Railway Kurama Line and walk for about 30 minutes, or get off the Kyoto Bus "Kifune" and walk for about 5 minutes

Nanzenji Temple

Best time to admire 2024 Kyoto maple leaves at Nanzenji Temple: Mid to Late November

Nanzenji Temple Kyoto is a complex Zen garden. It is a rare secluded place without the crowd and hustle and bustle of other temples. The temple is really big, and the maple leaves inside are so beautiful during Nanzenji Temple autumn! Whether it's those gradient-colored maple leaves or the full red leaves, it's all breathtakingly beautiful! Especially the Tenjuan next to Kyoto Nanzenji Temple is really a hidden gem for the best autumn leaves in Kyoto. The paths there are paved with stone slabs, and the branches of Japan maple leaves hang low in the courtyard, making it feel especially elegant and secluded. When you visit the Nanzenji Temple Kyoto Japan, all the fatigue of traveling will be swept away!

Nanzenji Temple Entrance Fee: ¥500 for the Sanmon Gate and Hōjō, ¥400 for the Konchi-in Temple and Tenjuan Temple, and ¥300 for the Nanzenin.

Address: 86 Nanzenji Fukuchicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8435, Japan

Hours: Opens 8:40 AM

Phone: +81 75-771-0365

Enkōji Temple

Best viewing time for Kyoto red leaf 2024 at Enkoji Temple: mid-November to early December

"Enkoji Temple" is the most representative attraction for the Kyoto fall foliage, and it is also a great place suitable to appreciate "Late Autumn Kyoto". The beauty of the fall foliage in harmony with the "十牛の庭", a garden with a pond and springs, is one of the most distinctive features of the Enkoji Temple autumn.

How to get to Enkoji Temple Kyoto: A 15-minute walk from Eizan Electric Railway Ichijo-ji Station; About 35 minutes by city bus from JR Kyoto Station (get off at Ichijo-ji and bound for Minamatsucho), and walk for 10 minutes.

Address: 13 Ichijoji Kotanicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8147, Japan

Hours: Opens 9 AM

Phone: +81 75-781-8025

In addition to these top 6 spots reviewed here, you can also head to Head temple Kuramadera, which is also a less-crowded viewing spot for 2024 Kyoto autumn leaves and it's perfect for admiring red leaves and autumn colors in Kyoto from a high vantage point.

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4. Best Autumn Illumination Kyoto 2024 to View Red Leaves After Dark

In addition to the Kyoto autumn illuminations in Kiyomizudera Temple, Hogan-in Temple, Kifune Shrine, and Eikandō Temple, there are also some other Kyoto foliage spots where you can also enjoy autumn leaves at night.

Best Autumn Illumination Kyoto

Tōji Temple

Toji Temple illumination time: 6 pm and 9.30 pm

Best time to view Toji Temple fall foliage: Mid to late November

Most temples in Kyoto do not allow the use of camera tripods at night for safety and crowd control reasons. Toji Temple Kyoto features a convenient location, although the scale and condition of the red leaves here are not as spectacular as some of the major maple leaves viewing spots, it is humanized enough. On a weekday evening, there will still be a long line at the entrance of Toji Temple, where it is filled with photographers who are carrying tripods. The fall foliage in the garden is richly layered under the light, and with the pool view and the famous five-storied pagoda, any photo of Toji Temple illumination will look incredible. A more conscientious part of Toji Temple Kyoto Japan is the "Lecture Hall" with statues of national treasures, which is also open at night! While enjoying the maple, you can visit the lecture hall during Toji Temple night illumination autumn.

Address: 1 Kujocho, Minami Ward, Kyoto, 601-8473, Japan

Hours: Closes 5 PM

Phone: +81 75-691-3325

How to get to Toji Temple Japan: 10-minute walk away from JR Kyoto Station.

Kōdaiji Temple

Best time to view Kodaiji Temple fall foliage: late October to early December

Kodaiji Temple illumination time: 5:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Todaiji Temple is built on a hill with a view of Kyoto city. There are many winding paths through the temple and the Japanese maple trees and the temple is a perfect match for each other. When you look out of the window of the Kodaiji Temple Kyoto, you can see that the garden is decorated with red leaves, forming a natural landscape of autumn colors in Kyoto. The Kodaiji Temple illumination is known as one of Kyoto's most beautiful scenery and is also the most charming attraction here during the Kyoto maple leaves season. Maple viewing is usually done during the daytime, making it easy for visitors to take in the view of the Japanese maple trees. But the night maple at Kōdaiji Temple is the most unique, and it is an autumnal sentiment that belongs to the people of Kyoto in autumn. The Momiji koyo in the gentle nighttime color has a different and quiet beauty against the light of the garden. The night maple illumination by the Otamaya Pond in the temple is even more beautiful and unforgettable. The different colors of the autumn leaves are captivating due to the light, and the reflections in the pool complement each other like a dream.

Address: Japan, 〒605-0825 Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward, 高台寺下河原町526

Hours: Closes 9:30 PM

Phone: +81 75-561-9966

Daigo ji Temple Autumn during Daytime

Daigo-ji Temple

The illumination time of Daigo ji Temple Kyoto Japan: 18:00-20:50 (Reservation Required)

Best time to view Daigo-ji Temple autumn foliage: mid-November to early December

Daigo ji Temple is hidden in the southeastern suburbs of Kyoto. Although the cherry blossom viewing in spring is the most famous here, the maple viewing in autumn is not bad at all in Daigo-ji Temple. The beautiful red maple leaves in the temple set off the red main hall, and the autumn color here is even more magnificent. Especially at night, the core of Daigo ji Temple Kyoto is the landscape around the pond. The vermilion towers, the exquisite arch bridges, the red fall foliage as bright as fire under the lights, and the light and shadow reflecting in the pool water, make the Daigo ji Temple autumn dye into a red sea.

Address: 22 Daigohigashiojicho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, 601-1325, Japan

Hours: Closes 5 PM

Phone: +81 75-571-0002

How to get to Daigo ji Temple Japan: 12 minutes on foot from Daigo Station on the Tozai Subway Line

Kitano Tenmangū Shrine

Autumn illumination time of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine Kyoto: mid-November to early December from sunset until 20:00

Best time to view Kitano Tenmangu Shrine autumn leavesLate October to early December

The "Odoi-mound" of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is the closest to the prototype of the Odoi at that time. In Kitano Tenmangu Shrine autumn, the historical Odoi is open for special tours, and you can enjoy a limited number of Kyoto fall color sights during this period of time, with the red leaves of the approximately 350 Japanese maple trees spreading across both sides of the river, reflecting on the surface of the water.

Address: Bakurocho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, 602-8386, Japan

Hours: Closes 5 PM

Phone: +81 75-461-0005

How to get to Kyoto Kitano Tenmangu Shrine: 5 minutes walk from Kitano Shirame Station

Myōkaku-ji Temple—Fazien

Illumination time of Myōkaku-ji Temple: 18:00-20:00

Best time to view Kyoto fall foliage at Myokaku-ji Temple: mid-November – early December

In addition to being surrounded by red leaves in autumn, the "Fazien" in the moss-covered courtyard of Myokaku-ji Temple is also lit up at night starting from mid-November, illuminating the stone tower and red leaves, making them appear even more twinkling at night during the Kyoto autumn leaves festival. This is something special that can only be enjoyed during this period of autumn in Kyoto.

Address: 135 Ogawa Higashiyu Shimokiyoshizoguchi-cho, Kamigoryizen-dori, Kamikyo-ku, Kyoto City

Access: 5 minutes on foot from City Bus No. 9 "Tenjin Koen-mae" stop

5. 3 Ways to Unlock the Most Beautiful Autumn Foliage in Kyoto 2024

Every year, from mid to late November to early December, it is the Kyoto autumn peak to admire the splendid scenery of the red leaves, and the yellow or red maple leaves in the forests and ancient temples are so beautiful that you can't take your eyes off them. There are many best places in Kyoto for autumn leaves, and if you are hesitant about choosing an autumn leaves tour to enjoy the best foliage Kyoto in the fall, we recommend these 3 ways to experience Kyoto's red leaf season 2024!

Autumn Colors Kyoto

5.1 Take the Sagano Train for a Panoramic View of Arashiyama Fall Foliage

Sagano is also known as the "Arashiyama Train", which runs along the Hozu Gorge River and goes all the way into Arashiyama, allowing you to enjoy a panoramic view of the "colorful forests" among the foothills of the mountains. The speed of the train is similar to that of a bicycle, but the speed is reduced at places with beautiful red leaves scenery. In addition to riding the train, you can also stand on the Togetsukyo Bridge and look out across the autumnal Arashiyama. There are also many old temples and shrines in the Arashiyama area, such as Jōjakkōji Temple, Nisonin Temple, and Hōkyō-in Temple. It is a special experience to see the maple leaves piled up on the stairs and eaves of the old temples during the Kyoto fall foliage season.

Autumn Foliage in Kyoto

5.2 Enjoy the Autumn Leaves Viewing on the Train through the Stunning Maple Leaf Tunnel

If you want to enjoy Kyoto foliage leaves by train, don't miss the "Maple Leaf Tunnel" along Mount Eizan. This is a tunnel densely packed with red leaves that only trains can pass underneath! When the train passes through the tunnel, the lights inside the train are turned off and the train runs at a slower speed. There are two routes of trains on Eizan Electric Railway, but for maple leaves viewing, we recommend the Kuruma Line, which takes you directly to Kifune Shrine. In November, Kyoto Kifune Shrine hosts the Maple Lantern Festival, where the maple leaves up to 1,000 meters from the mouth of Kifune Shrine are illuminated, making it a unique sight to see among the autumn illumination Kyoto! You can take the Eizan Electric Railway directly to the Kifune Exit, and if you have time to spare, you can also take a visit to Mount Kuruma to experience more about Kyoto in autumn.

Enjoy Kyoto Autumn While in Kimono

5.3 Wear a Kimono and Stroll through Ancient Buildings to Experience the Autumn in Kyoto

While strolling around the ancient temples in Kyoto, why not try the kimono experience? When you visit Kyoto during the fall foliage festival, it is recommended to wear a light-colored kimono to create a visual impact with the red maples, which will be very beautiful and eye-catching.

Whichever experience you would like to try to enjoy the best autumn leaves in Kyoto, our private Japan autumn tour 2024 can meet your needs!


Kyoto, with many ancient temples, is one of the most popular places in Japan for "autumn leaf hunting". During the fall foliage season in Kyoto, the autumn leaves turn from green to warm colors of red, yellow, and orange, which contrast with the antique temples and courtyards, creating a unique aesthetic and atmosphere. Contact us to tailor your Kyoto autumn foliage tour 2024 now.

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