Japanese Red Maple Season 2024: Ultimate Guide to Japan Fall Foliage

Last Updated: July 03,2024

Fall foliage in Japan means 紅葉 (もみじ/Momiji). Since ancient times, the Japanese have had an interest in viewing the red momiji and they believe that viewing red leaves is like a hunter chasing a colorful beast. Japanese Maple Season starts in late September and lasts for three months, with varying levels of lime green, soft yellow, brick red, and russet alternating with each other. November and December are the best time to enjoy the autumn leaves in Japan. In Japan autumn 2024, it is the best choice to embark on an autumn foliage viewing tour (紅葉狩り) to capture the most beautiful fall colors in Japan 2024. Here is everything you need to know about autumn foliage Japan 2024, including 2024 Japan fall foliage forecast, the best places to enjoy autumn leaves Japan 2024, recommended tours to experience autumn in Japan 2024, etc. Follow us to know more Japan fall season 2024!

Table of Contents

1. Japan Autumn Leaves Forecast 2024

2. Best Places to See Autumn Leaves in Japan 2024

3. Less-Crowded Spots to View Autumn Foliage Japan 2024

4. Where to Admire the Illumination of Momiji in Japan

5. Japan Autumn Leaves Tour 2024

6. Facts about Maple Leaves in Japan

7. Ginkgo Leaves Japan 2024 for More Fall Colors

8. FAQ about Autumn Leaves Japan

1. Japan Fall Foliage Forecast 2024

I believe everyone knows that in Japan, in addition to cherry blossom viewing, there is also the custom of viewing red leaves. In the first half of the year, you can enjoy cherry blossoms and in the second half, you can enjoy maple viewing. The chronological order of viewing areas for maple leaves is exactly opposite to that of cherry blossoms. When is fall foliage in Japan? The fall foliage season in Japan generally starts in mid-to-late September. Since Japan is a long and narrow archipelago, the maple leaves will turn red from north to south. The earliest place to see red maple leaves in Japan is Hokkaido, and the latest place to view Japan red leaves is Kyushu. When is the best time to see autumn leaves in Japan? Here is the Japan autumn leaves forecast 2024 for reference.

Hokkaido · Tohoku Maple Leaves 2024

Hokkaido is the earliest place in Japan where you can enjoy maple leaves. For the Hokkaido autumn leaves forecast 2024, the red leaves of Asahidake, the highest peak of Daisetsuzan Mountain, may start its fall foliage season in mid-September. The "first crown of snow" will be also viewed in early October, and the scenery will be very charming. Some famous Japan fall foliage viewing spots such as Sōunkyō, Jozankei Onsen, and Onuma Park are forecasted to have their best maple viewing period in mid-to-late October. The Japanese red leaves in Sapporo are much later than in previous years and are predicted to be the latest in the history of observation. The red leaves period in the Tohoku region may be later, with Oirase Gorge and Bandai Highland in late October, and Oufukasawa Bridge in early November.

Kanto · Koshin · Tokai Maple Leaves 2024

The period when maple leaves turn red in the East Japan region (Kanto Koshin and Tokai) is expected to be the same as in previous years. According to the autumn leaves forecast Japan 2024, the earliest ones are Nikko, Kinugawa and Shirakawa-go, whose best time for autumn colours is around late October; the best time to see maple leaves in Kamikochi (near Kappa Bridge) is around October 15th. For Mount Takao, a famous fall foliage viewing spot in Tokyo, the maple leaf prediction is expected to be around November 16th according to the Tokyo autumn leaves forecast 2024; Lake Ashi is forecasted to be around November 10th; and the best red leaf viewing time for Korankei Gorge is expected to be around November 17th.

Kansai · Kyushu Maple Leaves 2024

The best time to view the red leaves in the Kansai autumn 2024 is in the second half of November. From October to November, it is mostly sunny. The quality of the red foliage can reach the average level of previous years and is basically not affected by the high temperature in summer. Of course, Arashiyama in Kyoto is a must-see maple leaf viewing spot, with the best viewing period being expected to be in late November according to the Kyoto autumn leaves forecast 2024. Other maple leaves viewing spots, such as Daisen in early November, Kankakei Gorge in mid-November, and Miyajima in late November, are basically in the same fall foliage forecast as in previous years. For the Kyushu autumn leaves, the best fall colors viewing time may be postponed, basically after November. Unzen is expected to enjoy the most beautiful maple leaf scenery around early November, and Takachiho Gorge is predicted to be late November for the incredible scene of Japan autumn leaves 2024.

Take a Pitcure in a Colorful Kimono in Japan Fall Foliage Season

For the best time to see fall colors in Japan 2024, you can also take a look at the Japan fall foliage forecast 2023 that was released by the Japan Meteorological Cooperation, which can be a reference to the 2024 Japan maple leaves schedule or autumn calendar Japan 2024. 

                      Japan Autumn Leaves Forecast 2023


Forecast for Red Leaves

Average Date for Red Leaves

Forecast    for Yellow Leaves

Average Date for Yellow Leaves







































































Different latitudes in various places will affect the length of the period of autumn leaves Japan. At the same time, the Japanese red maple leaves will appear earlier or later due to different climates, resulting in the uncertainty of the autumn leaves Japan forecast 2024 and when to see red leaf Japan 2024. If you want to enjoy the best fall leaves Japan 2024, planning a longer Japan autumn leaves tour will maximize the chance to capture the spectacular scene of fall colors in Japan 2024. Contact us for a private guided Japan autumn 2024 trip now.

2. Best Places for Japan Autumn Foliage 2024

In Japan, viewing the autumn leaves is a very important activity in the fall and it is one of the best things to do in Japan. If you miss the gorgeous cherry blossoms in spring, how can you miss the scarlet maple leaves in autumn? Where to see autumn leaves in Japan? From the beginning of October, a colorful world of green, yellow, and red is gradually dotted with autumn colors in Japan from north to south, so where will you go to visit during the best time to see autumn colours Japan 2024? Here are 5 destinations in Japan for the best fall foliage viewing and pick the best place to view autumn leaves in Japan.

Foliage Kyoto in Rurikō-in Temple

Autumn Foliage in Kyoto 2024

Where to see autumn leaves in Kyoto 2024: Rurikō-in Temple, Arashiyama, Tōfuku-ji Temple, Kiyomizu-dera

Best time to enjoy Kyoto autumn 2024: End of October to early December

Kyoto is a popular area to appreciate the best autumn foliage in Japan. The Japanese red maple leaves contrast with the quiet ancient buildings, adding a touch of Zen and embodying the beauty of "material sadness" pursued by the Japanese. Which one is the best place to see Kyoto fall foliage 2024?

Rurikō-in Temple is only open to tourists twice a year, once from spring to early summer to enjoy the greenery, and once during the Kyoto foliage season to enjoy the red leaves. Being in the tranquil natural environment of this best place to see autumn leaves in Kyoto, you are surrounded by maple leaves of various colors, making you feel like you have traveled to another time and space. The Japanese maple trees here are red, yellow, purple, and green, and they are pruned into different postures. It is impossible to express in words the shock that the beauty created by the different colors of red leaves and different levels of scenery brings to you during autumn in Kyoto 2024.

Arashiyama Momiji Festival 2024 is highly recommended not to be missed during the best time for autumn leaves Kyoto 2024. One of the most popular autumn trips in Arashiyama is to Tenryu-ji Temple in the sightseeing park to enjoy the autumn colors Kyoto. The red leaves against the bamboo forests and the beauty of the temple's garden make the Arashiyama maple-viewing itinerary one of the more popular sightseeing routes during Kyoto red leaves season.

Tōfuku-ji Temple is also a great place to view the Kyoto foliage 2024. Most of the maple trees at Tōfuku-ji Temple are located near Tsutenkyo Bridge. Standing on the Tongtian Bridge, looking around, you will find that there are hundreds of Japanese maple trees, which are densely packed and dazzlingly red. Walking into the forest, there is a red sky above your head, and the ground is covered with a red carpet composed of fallen Kyoto autumn leaves, which is very spectacular.

Kiyomizu Temple is also a must-visit attraction in Kyoto for the best autumn foliage Japan 2024. More than 1,000 Japanese red maple trees on the hillside near the main hall of the temple and inside the temple dye Kiyomizu Temple a deep red. The entire temple is dazzlingly decorated with red leaves, which is very spectacular in showing the charming fall colors Kyoto. During the best time for autumn foliage Kyoto, there is also Kiyomizu-dera autumn illumination especially opening at night, where you can enjoy the illumination of the fall leaves Kyoto.

Fall Foliage Tokyo

Fall Foliage in Tokyo 2024

Where to see Tokyo fall foliage 2024: Rokugien Garden, Yoyogi Park, Meiji Jingu Gaien, Mount Takao

Best time to view autumn foliage Tokyo 2024: Late October to the end of November

In autumn, as the cold air continues to move southward, the Kanto region is covered in red, and it is only in mid-November that the maple leaves in Tokyo begin to change color. If you don't know the best places in Tokyo to see autumn leaves, consider these 4 spots for Tokyo maple leaves 2024 in the following:

Rokugien Gardens is famous for its azaleas at the beginning of May and opens for night viewing during the cherry blossom and fall foliage period. 400 Japanese maple trees stand in the garden, and in autumn in Tokyo 2024, you can enjoy the flavorful red-leaf landscape right in the center of the city. When night falls, the garden decorated with lights is illuminated, and the red Tokyo foliage here is interspersed with lights and moon shadows, creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

Yoyogi Park is a famous place for Tokyo fall foliage and cherry blossom viewing, with a sea of white and pink blossoms in the spring and a blaze of red in the fall, which is not an exaggeration to describe the park as a place where the Tokyo autumn foliage is on fire. The park is so quiet and relaxing that it seems like a paradise, making it one of the best parks in Tokyo for autumn leaves.

Tokyo Meiji Jingu Gaien, one of the 20 most beautiful roads in the world, is a famous spot for viewing the autumn foliage in Tokyo with 146 ginkgo trees enclosing a passageway of about 300 meters in length and is one of the famous places to enjoy the fall colors in Tokyo with not only the red leaves but also the ginkgoes. Don't miss the Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival in Tokyo autumn 2024, which is held from mid-November to early December, when you can witness the glorious autumnal spectacle.

Mt. Takao, located in Hachioji, a suburb of Tokyo to enjoy the autumn foliage near Tokyo, is rated as a top three-star attraction by the Michelin Green Guide. It was selected for its "unexpected natural beauty in a metropolitan area," and the autumn leaves Tokyo on Mount Takao have distinctive layers of color. If you climb to the top of Mt. Takao on a clear day in autumn Tokyo 2024, you can see Mt. Fuji and the Boso Peninsula in the distance, and you can enjoy a panoramic view of the red leaves on the mountain. You can also take the cable car, which has the best incline in Japan, and shuttle through a tunnel made of fall foliage Tokyo 2024.

Autumn in Kawaguchiko

Mt Fuji Autumn Leaves 2024

Best place to view 2024 Fuji autumn leaves: Lake Kawaguchiko

Best time to enjoy the Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival 2024: End of October to end of November

The Lake Kawaguchi Maple Corridor is 150 meters long. During the Fuji Kawaguchiko autumn leaves festival, from the top to the bottom of the trees, the color of the maple leaves is intense, with 7 parts red, 3 parts yellow, and green, and the falling autumn leaves spread out a "carpet of red leaves".

The Lake Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival is held every year at the end of October. There is an area dedicated to admiring and taking pictures of Kawaguchiko autumn foliage. The Kawaguchiko autumn festival area includes the area around Lake Kawaguchi and the Maple Leaf Corridor. At night, the Maple Leaf Corridor is lit up, making it even more breathtakingly beautiful. You can enjoy the beautiful Lake Kawaguchiko autumn leaves at night, which have a unique flavor. During the autumn festival Kawaguchiko, you can also see many people with professional cameras taking pictures of Mount Fuji. Every Kawaguchiko autumn from early November to the end of November, you can see the maple leaves turn completely red in the area of Mount Fuji, and this is also the period when the Fuji fall foliage leaves are at their peak. Oishi Park on the north shore of Lake Kawaguchiko offers a great view of Mount Fuji, and the maple leaves here are a sight to behold during autumn in Kawaguchiko.

Autumn Leaves Hokkaido in Jozankei Onsen

Autumn Leaves in Hokkaido 2024

Famous spots to view Hokkaido fall foliage 2024: Daisetsuzan, Sounkyo Gorge, Hokkaido University, Jozankei Onsen

Best time to view fall foliage in Hokkaido 2024: End of September to early November

Hokkaido witnesses the earliest fall foliage in Japan. From mid-September, the vegetation in the Daisetsuzan area begins to turn red, and you can still see red maple leaves in Sapporo until early November. There are 4 best spots to enjoy the autumn foliage Hokkaido 2024.

The earliest place in Japan where you can see red Japan foliage 2024 is Asahidake, the highest peak in Hokkaido and the main peak of the Daisetsuzan Mountains with an altitude of 2,291 meters. As one of the top 100 mountains in Japan, you can take a cable car to a height of about 1,600 meters and overlook the picturesque Hokkaido fall foliage.

In the Sounkyo valley, every autumn in Hokkaido Japan, the screen-like rocks are decorated with red leaves that look like brocade paintings, and those who come here to view the Hokkaido autumn leaves can't help but admire them.

Hokkaido University is one of the best places to experience the Hokkaido autumn foliage 2024 as you can enjoy the most beautiful ginkgo trees in Hokkaido. The approximately 380-meter road is lined with ginkgo trees. In Hokkaido autumn, it seems to turn into a golden tunnel. The golden ginkgo leaves and romantic red leaves make you feel as if you have entered a manga, and the beauty of the autumn foliage Hokkaido here is so incredible.

Jozankei Onsen, one of the best spots to enjoy hot springs in Japan and the largest hot springs town in Hokkaido, is another popular spot for viewing autumn foliage in Hokkaido 2024. Be sure not to miss the Hōheikyō Dam. The magnificent scenery of the Hōheikyō Dam is set off by the red and yellow leaves, which is really charming.

Osaka Castle Autumn Leaves

Osaka Fall Foliage 2024

Best places to see Osaka autumn leaves 2024: Osaka Castle, Minoh Falls, Expo Commemorative Park, Daisen Park, Ushitakisan Daiitoku-ji

Best time to view Osaka Red Leaves 2024: Late October to early December

As the entry-exit city for most tourists traveling to Kansai, Osaka often holds events or limited exhibitions full of historical characteristics in autumn. You can learn more about the history of Japan while enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves in Osaka.

Osaka Castle is a popular spot for Osaka maple leaves and ginkgo viewing. The spot to enjoy the Osaka Castle autumn leaves is Nishinomaru Garden on the west side. The entire red foliage in fall in the wide garden is very atmospheric. You can enjoy the Japanese red maple and the Osaka Castle Main Tower framed together in Osaka autumn 2024.

Minoh Falls, a famous viewing spot of Osaka foliage 2024, is located in Minoh Park, and along the way, you will pass by attractions such as Shotengu Saikoji, the Insectarium, and Ryuan-ji. Minoh Park covers an area of 83.8 hectares, and with nature can be seen everywhere in the vast park. It is a pleasant place to visit Osaka in autumn.

Expo Commemorative Park is a large comprehensive park that combines cultural, sports, and leisure facilities. With more than 10,000 trees planted in it, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of autumn leaves Osaka here.

Daisen Park Japanese Garden is a perfect combination of courtyard and autumn foliage in Japan. There is a 26,000-square-meter garden in the park. During the Osaka maple leaves season, the entire park will be decorated with red maple and yellow leaves.

Ushitakisan Daiitoku-ji is the best place to see autumn leaves in Osaka. In Osaka fall 2024, there is not only beautiful fall foliage but also the ginkgo trees here are also worth seeing. The Osaka autumn foliage and the traditional temple create a picturesque scene.

Hakone Autumn Foliage

In addition to these top 5 destinations for the best fall foliage in Japan 2024, if your time permits, you can also experience the Hakone autumn leaves, Nara autumn foliage, Fukuoka fall foliage, and autumn leaves in Nikko to explore more Japan fall colors 2024.

3. Hidden Spots to Admire Fall Foliage Japan 2024 Without Crowds

According to the Japan autumn foliage forecast, every mid-September, from Hokkaido to Kyushu in the south, Japan enters the "fall foliage season" for nearly three months. Compared to the more popular red leaves viewing spots, those niche spots can better avoid crowds and provide a more comfortable experience whether you are appreciating its natural beauty or immersing yourself in its history and culture. Here are the 5 best less-crowded spots to enjoy the Japan maple leaf season 2024.

Kamakura Hasedera

Best time to view Japan fall foliage 2024 in Kamakura Hasedera: Early November to early December

Kamakura Hasedera is a typical Japanese-style garden with a dry landscape, which features an excellent location with a backdrop of mountains and the sea. The temple enshrines an eleven-faced statue of Kannon, the largest wooden Buddha statue in Japan. During the autumn leaves festival Japan, it is illuminated from 17:00, and when the sense of history of the old temple is intertwined with the Japanese red leaves at night in the quietness of the ancient capital, the picturesque scene gives rise to unlimited reverie.

Access: 5-minute walk from Nagaya Station on the Enoden Train

Japan Maple Leaves

Lake Ashi, Hakone

Best time to admire Hakone fall foliage 2024 at Lake Ashi: Early November to the end of November

Lake Ashi is a volcanic lake located on Mt. Hakone, formed about 3,000 years ago. It is also one of the best places to enjoy autumn Japan 2024. The reason for its popularity throughout Japan is that you can see the red foliage of Mount Fuji or Mount Gekurayama from Hakone Park on the shore of the lake when it is the best time in autumn to visit Japan. Another way to experience the lake is to cruise on a pirate ship modeled after a 17th-century European battleship and enjoy the best Hakone autumn foliage in the Mt. Fuji area, which seems to transport you to an out-of-this-world wonderland as the ship travels on the calm surface of the lake.

Access: Starting from Hakone-Yumoto Station, take the Hakone Tozan Bus for about 30 minutes to Motohakone, Togendai, and Hakone Town. You can also take the Hakone Pirates Sightseeing Boat that connects Hakone Town-Motogendai-Togendai.

Mount Hiei

Best Momiji Koyo 2024 viewing period of Mount Hiei: Late October to late November

Mount Hiei spans Shiga Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture, and the scenery here is beautiful. To the east of the mountain lies Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, and to the west are the neighborhoods of the ancient capital Kyoto. Standing on Mount Hiei and looking out, you can have a panoramic view of the captivating scenery below the mountain. "Yumemigaoka" is located on the tourist road. During the maple season Japan 2024, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Biwa intertwined with the red foliage leaves from the observation deck there.

Access: Get off at "Hieizan Sakamoto" Station on the Kosai Line, take the "Liaoshi Bus" for about 7 minutes, take the ropeway and get off at "Ropeway Enryakuji Station", and walk to the top of the mountain

Lake Chuzenji, Nikko

Best time to view Nikko fall foliage 2024 at Lake Chuzenji: Late October to the end of November

Lake Chuzenji is located on a high plateau over 1,200 meters above sea level in the southwest of Nikko City and is ranked number one among Japan's alpine lakes. Chūzen-ji Temple will be dyed reddish yellow in the fall Japan 2024. Walking by the lake, you can see the beautiful lake scenery reflecting the red mountains, which is very magnificent. In the nearby Senjōgahara Grassy Plain, the plants gradually turn yellow and orange in late September, together with the majestic Mt. Nantai in the distance, and the trees that gradually turn red, it presents a vast scene of the Nikko autumn.

Access: 45 minutes from Nikko Station or Tobu-Nikko Station by buses bound for Yumoto-Onsen to Chuzenji-Onsen bus stop, then a 5-minute walk.

Mt. Chausu, Nasu

Best time to enjoy Japan autumn colours 2024 at Mt. Chausu: Mid-October to mid-November

Nasu is widely known as a "royal vacation spot" and is blessed with magnificent natural beauty. Mt. Chausu is the main peak of the Nasu Mountains. It is a great and quiet place to view Momiji Japan 2024. The Japanese maple tree season here is more than a month earlier than in Kyoto. As you move slowly up the mountain in the cable car, you can look down and see the colorful forests in the belly of the mountain that look like an overturned paint tray. If you are interested in walking back down the mountain after reaching the top, the autumn leaves scenery near the bottom of the mountain will definitely be a reward for this hike.

Address: Yumoto, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi 325-0301, Japan

Pick your favorite hidden viewing spots to quietly enjoy the Koyo Season 2024, you will be immersed in the unique beauty and atmosphere of Japan fall colors.

4. Top Maple Leaves Spots to Enjoy Autumn Illumination Japan 2024

Just like admiring the nighttime cherry blossoms during the Sakura season, there is also the habit of admiring the red leaves illumination at night during the Japan fall foliage season. After entering autumn, the days begin to become shorter and the nights become longer. In addition to viewing the maple leaves during the day, you can also enjoy the different atmosphere of Japan fall colors at night. Especially during the autumn illumination event at night, the red leaves of the Japanese maple trees illuminated by light and shadow appear even more gorgeous than during the day, creating an incredible autumn in Japan. Here are the best and most popular 5 places highly recommended for your Japan autumn 2024 tour to experience different fall colors.

Enjoy Autumn Leaves Japan at Night

Rikugien Gardens, Tokyo

Rikugien Gardens near Komagome Station is a famous circling-style garden in Tokyo. In late November when it is the best time to see Tokyo red leaves 2024, the foliage leaves of more than 400 maple trees, and about 560 wild lacquer, ginkgo, and other trees turn into beautiful gold and red colors, decorating the garden even more brightly. The most recommended area is around the Shuixiang River in the northwest part of the park. The lights at night make the flowing water and Japanese autumn leaves look dreamy in Rikugien Gardens.

Illumination time: sunset - 21:00

Address: 6 Chome-16-3 Honkomagome, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 113-0021, Japan

Phone: +81 3-3941-2222

Kifune Shrine, Kyoto

Kibune Shrine, known as the "entrance hall" of Kyoto, is an ancient shrine located in the mountains and dedicated to the god of rain. The shrine is the first place in Kyoto to see red maple leaves and is also one of the best places in Kyoto for autumn leaves. During the best time to view fall foliage Kyoto 2024, the wooden lanterns on both sides of the worn stone stairs in front of the shrine will be lit after dusk. The red leaves surrounded by the soft light from the lanterns complement the ancient architecture.

Illumination time: early November to late November, sunset - 20:30

Address: 180 Kuramakibunecho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 601-1112, Japan

Phone: +81 75-741-2016

Best Autumn Leaves Kyoto in Eikandō Temple During Daytime

Eikandō Temple, Kyoto

Eikando Temple, also known as Zenrinji Temple, is one of Kyoto's top red foliage attractions. 3,000 Japanese maple trees have been planted within the territory. In mid-November during the Kyoto red leaves season 2024, the temple will be covered with red leaves all over the mountain, adding to the beauty of an oriental temple. Therefore, Eikando Temple is also known as "Red Leaves Eikan-do". In autumn in Kyoto 2024 dates, there will also be a night illumination event. The halls and corridors illuminated by the lanterns are full of red fall leaves, which are full of interest.

Eikando Temple illumination time: 17:30 - 20:30

Address: 48 Eikandocho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8445, Japan

Phone: +81 75-761-0007

Warm Tips: Check Kyoto Autumn Illumination of Red Leaves to get more choices on viewing Kyoto fall foliage 2024 at night.

Nabana no Sato, Nagoya

The lighting effects of Nahana no Sato can be said to be famous in Japan, and is one of the best places to enjoy Nagoya autumn 2024, especially the illuminated red leaves in autumn are extremely popular when it is the best time for foliage Japan 2024. There are more than 300 red maple leaves trees in the garden. Together with the mirror pool and excellent illumination that perfectly reflects the red foliage leaves, it forms a picture full of artistic conception.

Illumination Time: mid-November to the end of December, Sunset - 21:00

Address: Japan, 〒511-1144 Mie, Kuwana, Nagashimacho Komae, 漆畑270

Phone: +81 594-41-0787

Kenroku-en, Kanazawa

Kenrokuen Garden, one of Japan's three most famous gardens, is world-famous as Japan's national special scenic spot. It is also a spot for viewing Japanese red maple at night. There are 340 red-leafed trees planted in the garden. There are 340 red leaves planted in the garden, as well as 420 cherry trees, 60 zelkova trees, and a variety of other red leaf trees such as euonymus and bellflowers, all of which together intertwine to create a highly fanciful and layered beauty for the Japan autumn season 2024.

Illumination Time: 17:30 - 21:00

Address: 1 Kenrokumachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0936, Japan

Phone: +81 76-234-3800

There are so many other spots to view red maple leaves at night in Japan, if your itinerary of autumn leaves tour Japan during the daytime is in a hurry and cannot quietly capture the charm of the Momiji in Japan, why not appreciate the autumn illumination Japan 2024? You will feel shocked when seeing different autumn colours in Japan.

5. Autumn Leaves Tour Japan 2024

Autumn is one of the best seasons to travel to Japan because of the pleasant climate and the brilliant Momiji in Japan. The quaint architecture and Japanese red maple complement each other, vividly expressing the splendor of autumn in Japan. How to plan Japan autumn tours? Here is our guide to autumn tours of Japan 2024.

Kiyomizu-Dera Temple Fall Colors

11 Days Enchanting Japan Maple Viewing Tour

Immerse yourself in the beauty and history of this captivating country from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene landscapes of Nikko, Mount Fuji, and Hakone, and explore Kyoto's ancient temples, Nara's picturesque parks, and Osaka's vibrant cityscape. According to the autumn foliage forecast Japan 2024 to determine your travel date to embark on an enchanting 11-day journey through Japan's cultural and natural wonders.

Quick Access>>>11 Days Tokyo - Nikko - Mt.Fuji - Hakone - Kyoto - Nara - Osaka Tour

●Detailed Itinerary of This Japan Autumn Trip in 11 Days

Day 1 - Arrival in Tokyo: Upon arrival in Tokyo, you'll be greeted by a private driver who will take you directly to your hotel, ensuring a stress-free start to your journey.

Day 2 - Tokyo Highlights: Explore Tokyo's cultural and natural wonders, including the Meiji Shrine, the Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival, Senso-ji Temple, and Rikugien Garden, appreciating the best autumn leaves in Tokyo.

Day 3 - Tokyo Exploration: Discover the vibrant neighborhoods of Shibuya, Odaiba, Shinjuku, and Ginza, along with iconic landmarks like the Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace.

Day 4 - Nikko Excursion: Venture to Nikko to visit the Toshogu Shrine, Rinnoji Temple, Kegon Falls, and Lake Chuzenji, experiencing Japan's natural and cultural treasures together with the stunning Nikko autumn colors.

Day 5 - Lake Kawaguchiko and Hakone: Enjoy the scenic beauty of Lake Kawaguchiko, Arakurayama Sengen Shrine, Lake Ashi, and Hakone Sightseeing Cruise, exploring Mount Fuji's surroundings and admiring the Kawaguchiko autumn leaves festival.

Day 6 - Transfer to Kyoto: Before traveling to Kyoto via the Shinkansen (Bullet Train), explore Lake Ashino with a ride on the Hakone Pirate Ship and Owakudani on the Hakone Ropeway, enjoying the stunning views of Mount Fuji and the Hakone autumn leaves.

Day 7 - Kyoto Temples: Visit Eikando Temple, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, and Sanzenin Temple to admire the best fall foliage in Kyoto and its serene surroundings.

Day 8 - Kyoto Attractions: Explore Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion), and Nijo Castle, immersing yourself in Kyoto's rich cultural heritage.

Day 9 - Kyoto to Nara Journey: Journey to Nara to visit Fushimi Inari Shrine, Byodoin Temple, Uji Matcha Street, Sake Brewery, Nara Park, and Todai-ji Temple, discovering the region's history and natural beauty of the Nara autumn foliage.

Day 10 - Osaka Adventure: Experience Osaka Castle, a Ninja Outfit Experience, a ride on the Ferris Wheel, and exploration of the Dotonbori district's culinary delights, capturing the best moment of Osaka maple leaves.

Day 11 - Departure: Enjoy your final moments in Japan before being comfortably escorted to the airport for your onward flight by a private driver.

Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival

●Best Places to Enjoy the Japan Fall Foliage during the 11-day Autumn Tour

Meiji Jingu Gaien: Experience the enchanting 300-meter-long ginkgo-lined avenue during the Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival in Tokyo.

Rikugien Garden: Marvel at the autumnal beauty of maple trees transforming the garden into a stunning display of fall colors in Tokyo.

Lake Kawaguchiko Maple Leaf Corridor: Immerse yourself in the beauty of maple trees gracing the shores of Lake Kawaguchiko with fiery red and golden hues, offering a picturesque view of Mount Fuji.

Eikando Temple: Admire the captivating Kyoto autumn foliage at Eikando Temple, particularly enchanting during special illuminations in late November.

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine: Revel in vibrant Kyoto autumn colors at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine's gardens, open to the public from late October to early December.

Sanzenin Temple: Witness captivating Kyoto autumn colors at Sanzenin Temple, with its enchanting moss garden and breathtaking vistas during mid-November.

Kiyomizu-Dera Temple: Enjoy the fiery hues of Kyoto red leaves at Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, a prime location for autumn foliage viewing.

Nara Park: Explore Nara Park, home to over 1,200 free-roaming deer and dotted with Japanese maple trees, offering a picturesque setting for autumn leaf viewing.

Osaka Castle: Admire the autumn koyo Japan surrounding Osaka Castle, adding a touch of seasonal beauty to this historic landmark.

With our private guides to lead the way, indulge in unforgettable experiences, and create lasting memories on this captivating exploration of Japan's iconic destinations during the best time to see fall colors in Japan. Each day's itinerary can be customized to meet any of your requirements to guarantee you enjoy the fall in Japan 2024.

Cost of a Trip to Japan in Autumn 2024

Is it expensive to visit Japan in the fall? How much is a trip to Japan during the maple leaf season 2024? Here is our average Japan trip cost:

Cost of a Trip to Japan

Therefore, the cost of traveling to Japan for autumn foliage ranges from US$350 to $500 per person per day, US$2,500 to $3,500 per person for a 1-week Japan autumn tour, and US$5,000 to $7,000 per person for 2 weeks in autumn season in Japan 2024.

You can check our Japan Autumn Tours 2024 listed below and contact us to get the final quote on a trip to enjoy autumn foliage in Japan 2024:

Japan Autumn Castles Expedition
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Enchanting Japan Maple Viewing Tour
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6. Facts about Japan Maple Leaves

Japan is considered to be one of the countries with the most beautiful red leaves in the world. More than 60% of Japan's land area is forested, making the red-leaf vegetation even richer. Moreover, there is a large temperature difference between day and night, which makes Japanese red leaves even more delicate and colorful. In Japan autumn from late September, from north to south, mountains, streams, fields, and gardens are all covered in red, interweaving an autumnal extravaganza with vivid fall colors.

Japanese Maple

Varieties of Japanese Maple Trees

In Japan, maple trees, known as "Momiji," are revered for their stunning autumn foliage, which ranges from fiery reds to vibrant oranges and yellows. The country is home to several species of maple trees, each contributing to the diverse tapestry of fall colors in Japan. Here are some of the most common maple tree varieties in Japan:

-Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum): This is perhaps the most iconic species of maple in Japan. It comes in various cultivars, each with its own unique leaf shape, color, and size. Japanese maples are popular for their delicate, deeply lobed leaves and vibrant autumn colors. They are commonly found in gardens, parks, and temple grounds throughout Japan when it is the best time for autumn leaves in Japan.

-Fullmoon Maple (Acer japonicum): Fullmoon maple is another native species that contributes to Japan's autumn foliage beauty. Its leaves are larger and less deeply lobed compared to Japanese maple, and they turn shades of yellow, orange, and red in the fall foliage season. This species of maple tree in Japan is often seen in forests and mountainous regions.

-Amur Maple (Acer ginnala): While not native to Japan, the Amur maple is cultivated in gardens and parks for its brilliant fall foliage in Japan. It is a small tree or large shrub with three-lobed leaves that turn vibrant shades of red in autumn.

-Trident Maple (Acer buergerianum): Though native to China, the trident maple is commonly planted in Japan for its autumn colors. Its leaves have three distinct lobes and turn shades of yellow, orange, and red in the fall when it is the best time for fall colors in Japan. It is often used for bonsai cultivation as well.

-Vine Maple (Acer circinatum): While primarily native to North America, the vine maple is also found in Japan, particularly in Hokkaido and other northern regions. This kind of maple in Japan has rounded and palmately lobed leaves that turn shades of red, orange, and yellow to attract many people to see fall colors in Japan.

These are just a few examples of the maple tree varieties you can find in Japan. And species contribute to the spectacular display of Momiji in Japan, making Japan maple leaves a stunning scene to view and Japanese Maple Season an unmissable time to visit in autumn every year.

Fall Color in Japan

Red Leaves Hunting (紅葉狩り)

The Japanese call autumn foliage viewing "Red Leaves Hunting 紅葉狩り". This is because in the minds of the Japanese, following the red leaves is like a hunter going on a hunt. Every year from October until the end of November when it is the Japanese red leaves season, people follow the maple leaves as they turn red and look for the most beautiful fall colors in Japan. "Red Leaves Hunting" is not only a seasonal activity but also a unique Japanese aesthetic, which is the sense of impermanence of things that are about to fade away.

The custom of "Red Leaves Hunting" began in the Heian Period, when the nobles regarded it as an elegant event. In particular, many red-leafed plants were planted in Arashiyama in Kyoto, and the nobles would hold singing, dancing, rafting, and other activities there in the fall of that year. There is also a saying about "Red Leaves Hunting" that the nobles of the Heian period liked to pick red leaves and put them in the palm of their hands, and this way of appreciating the Japan red leaves was also called "hunting".

Are you ready to go on a "Red Leaves Hunting" tour during autumn in Japan 2024?

7. Ginkgo Leaves Japan: Enjoy More Japan Fall Colors 2024

When it comes to autumn in Japan, many tourists will think of the fall foliage Japan. However, have you ever thought that besides the red maple leaves, there is another amazing scenery to enjoy the best fall colors in Japan? That is ginkgo. Japan ginkgo tree may not be as famous as the Japanese maple, but it doesn't stop the beauty and grandeur of the ginkgo tree in Japan. Every year, the Japan ginkgo tree season is a little earlier than the Japanese red maple, and the golden yellow ginkgo leaves cascade over each other, turning the whole earth into a sea of yellow. So, if you miss the Japan maple leaves 2024, don't forget to enjoy the ginkgo Japan, they are both unmissable autumn leaves in Japan that will show you the stunning fall colors 2024.

Ginkgo trees Japan are planted all over the country, and in addition to the ginkgo trees in Tokyo's Meiji Jingu Gaien and Hokkaido University, which we mentioned earlier, there are also some popular spots to view ginkgo leaf Japan that are not to be missed.

Ginkgo Leaves in Showa Kinen Park

Showa Kinen Park, Tokyo

In Showa Kinen Park, 98 Japan ginkgo trees are lined up in two rows to form the 300-meter "Sports Plaza Ginkgo Boulevard" and there is also a 200-meter-long "Ginkgo River," which has become a classic ginkgo attraction in Tokyo, and has been ranked as one of the top 100 choices for red foliage in Japan. Both red and yellow leaves are in full bloom in the park to show the fall colors in Tokyo for you to fully enjoy Japan fall 2024.

Access: Get off the JR Chuo Line "Tachikawa" and walk for 15 minutes.

Mido-suji, Osaka

More than 800 Japanese ginkgo trees are planted along the 4.2-kilometer stretch of Mido-suji from Yodoyabashi to Namba! Every November when it is the best time to visit Japan autumn colours, this area becomes a popular viewing spot to enjoy the Osaka autumn leaves. There are many fashionable shops on both sides of Midosuji, as well as 30 artistic bronze statue installations, paired with golden ginkgo leaves, which are literary, romantic, and intoxicating in the autumn season Japan 2024.

Access: It can be reached from all Osaka Municipal Subway "Yodoyabashi Station", "Honmachi Station" and "Shinsaibashi Station" stations.

Nishi Hongan-ji Temple, Kyoto

Nishi Honganji Temple, formally known as Ryukokuyama Honganji Temple, is the second largest wooden building complex in Japan, and was listed as a United Nations World Heritage Site in 1994 for its preservation of buildings from the 16th to the 18th centuries and its fascinating scenic gardens. In front of Nishi Honganji Temple, there is a "reverse ginkgo" tree that is more than 400 years old. Is it the oldest ginkgo tree in Japan? It is named because its growth direction is opposite to that of ordinary ginkgo. And in the fall season in Japan 2024, this giant ginkgo tree in Japan explodes into a dazzling golden color, creating a striking color contrast with the rustic temple buildings, and also one of the best fall colors in Kyoto.

Access: Take the city bus and get off at "Nishi Honganji-mae" or "Shimabara Exit" or "Shichijohorikawa".

Nakajima Park, Sapporo

Every autumn in Japan, Nakajima Park in Sapporo City will show a beautiful scene of red and yellow. With Mt. Moriwa as a backdrop, it blooms brightly in the center of Sapporo, and from a distance you can see ginkgo leaves sprinkling the park with a layer of yellow, making for a breathtakingly beautiful view of the fall season Japan 2024! On the west side of Nakajima Park, there is a Japanese-style garden, which is full of atmosphere whether you are enjoying the flowers or the maple leaves and ginkgo leaves during autumn in Hokkaido Japan!

Access: Take the Subway Namboku Line and get off at "Nakajima Koen Station" and take Exits 1 and 3, or take the Subway Namboku Line and get off at "Horohiraibashi Station" and take Exits 1 and 2.

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle is known as Gingko Castle and is one of the three most famous castles in Japan, along with Nagoya Castle and Himeji Castle. Ginkgo trees Japan were planted here in consideration of the large amount of food needed to prepare for a siege, and are now a highlight of Kumamoto Castle in the autumn in Japan. During the Southwest War in 1877, the Tenshu Pavilion caught fire, and the large ginkgo tree in the courtyard dried up as a result. Miraculously, the roots of the tree that remained after the fire revived and gradually grew, and now stands about 21 meters tall, making it one of Kumamoto's famous sights to admire the autumn leaves in Kumamoto.

Access: Take the local train at JR Kumamoto Station, get off at "Kumamoto Castle·Shiyakusho-mae", and walk 600 meters to get there.

Ginkgo Leaves Japan

The ginkgo is known as the "bearer of hope" in Japan. Perhaps it is the bright and healing color of the ginkgo leaves that gives it infinite longing and hope. In Japan autumn season 2024, the yellow ginkgo leaves and red maple leaves intertwine on the earth, bringing beauty and warmth to anyone visiting Japan. Join us to witness the splendid 2024 fall colors Japan!

8. FQA about Autumn Foliage Japan

Here are some frequently asked questions about the autumn foliage Japan. Feel free to check out the answers to see whether they are helpful for you to experience the Japanese red maple.

Q1: What month is autumn in Japan?

Autumn in Japan typically starts around late September and lasts until early December. However, for the question of when is fall in Japan 2024, the exact timing can vary depending on the region. In the northern parts of Japan, such as Hokkaido, autumn arrives earlier, while in the southern regions, like Okinawa, it may arrive later. The peak of autumn foliage, known as "koyo" in Japanese, usually occurs in October and November, offering stunning views of colorful leaves across the country.

Q2: When do Japanese maples turn red?

Japanese maples typically turn red in the fall, usually starting in late October to late November, depending on the climate and specific variety of the tree. The change in color is triggered by cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours. However, the exact timing can vary based on factors such as the tree's health, environmental conditions, and the particular cultivar of Japanese maple. Some varieties may turn red earlier or later than others. Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on the Japan red leaves forecast 2024.

Aomori Momiji Koyo in Mid-November

Q3: Can you see autumn leaves in Hokkaido in September?

Yes, you can see autumn leaves in Hokkaido in September, particularly toward the end of the month. While autumn foliage typically peaks in Hokkaido around October, the change in leaf colors can begin as early as late September in some areas, especially in the higher elevations or colder regions. Popular spots for viewing autumn leaves in Hokkaido include places like Daisetsuzan National Park, Shiretoko National Park, and the Furano and Biei areas. However, the exact timing can vary depending on weather conditions and the specific location within Hokkaido.

Q4: Do Japanese maples lose their leaves in winter?

Yes, Japanese maples are deciduous trees, which means they do lose their leaves in the winter. During the fall, their leaves turn vibrant shades of red, orange, or yellow before eventually falling off as the tree enters its dormant phase for the winter. This shedding of leaves is a natural process for many deciduous trees, including Japanese maples. To avoid missing the spectacular scenery of Japanese red maple leaves, we strongly recommend you take a visit to Japan in the fall season 2024.

Q5: How much is a Japanese maple tree?

After embarking on the Japan autumn tours to experience the spectacular charm of the foliage in Japan, you maybe cannot help consider to planting the maple tree by yourself. The price of a Japanese maple tree can vary widely depending on factors such as its size, age, variety, and where you purchase it. Generally, smaller Japanese maple trees (such as those in pots or small containers) might cost anywhere from $25 to $100. Larger, more mature trees can range from $100 to several hundred dollars, and sometimes even more for rare or specialty varieties. Whatever, the best way to enjoy the best Japanese maple is to travel to Japan during the best time to visit Japan for fall foliage.

Japanese Red Maple


How about our ultimate guide to the autumn leaves in Japan? Autumn in Japan is also the peak tourist season, and hotels in popular foliage-viewing areas are often full. If you want to enjoy the Japanese red leaves comfortably, strongly suggest you make your Japan tour in advance. With our Japan autumn foliage forecast 2024, take a trip to enjoy Japan's most beautiful "red leaf hunting"! Customize your Japan autumn leaves tour 2024 now!

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