Autumn Leaves Kyushu 2024: 19 Best Spots to Enjoy Late Fall Foliage in Japan

Last Updated: June 21,2024

People normally choose to see red leaves in Tokyo and Kyoto during the Fall Foliage Season in Japan, but most of them don’t know that the autumn leaves in Kyushu are more flavorful and distinctive. Different from the splendor of Kyoto, the late Kyushu autumn is blessed with red maples all over the mountains and fields, which is impressive. Keep reading our complete guide to the Kyushu autumn leaves 2024, knowing about the best time and the best places to see the Kyushu fall foliage, and things to do in Kyushu in autumn.

Table of Contents

1. Kyushu Fall Foliage Forecast 2024

2. Kyushu Autumn Leaves 2024 at Fukuoka Prefecture

3. Kyushu Autumn Leaves 2024 at Oita Prefecture

4. Kyushu Autumn Leaves 2024 at Kumamoto Prefecture

5. Kyushu Autumn Leaves 2024 at Saga Prefecture

6. Kyushu Autumn Leaves 2024 at Nagasaki Prefecture

7. Kyushu Autumn Leaves 2024 at Miyazaki Prefecture

8. Kyushu Autumn Leaves 2024 at Kagoshima Prefecture

9. Explore More during Autumn in Kyushu 2024

Autumn Leaves Kyushu at Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Fukuoka in early December

1. Best Time to See Kyushu Autumn Foliage 2024

Every year, the Japan Meteorological Agency publishes the "Red Leaf Front" for the fall foliage season, so that everyone can participate in the national event of red leaf hunting. There are hundreds of famous places to enjoy the autumn leaves in Japan. In contrast to Kyoto and Mt. Fuji which are more well-known for Japan fall colors, Kyushu, the southernmost part of Japan, has the final scene of the annual "red leaf hunting". According to the 2024 fall foliage forecast Japan, the best time to view the Kyushu fall foliage 2024 is in November. Don't forget to embark on a Japan autumn tour in this beautiful season with a comfortable climate.

2. Autumn Leaves Kyushu 2024 at Fukuoka Prefecture

Autumn in Fukuoka is the most beautiful time of the year when the sun is warm and the maple leaves turn red. The vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves against the backdrop of scenic landscapes create stunning vistas. Where are the best spots to enjoy Fukuoka fall foliage 2024?

Kiyomizudera Honbo Garden

Best time to view autumn leaves Fukuoka 2024 at Kiyomizudera Honbo Garden: Mid-November to late November

Kiyomizudera Honbo Garden, a nationally designated scenic spot in Japan, is said to have been designed and constructed more than 500 years ago during the Muromachi period by the painting monk Sesshū Tōyō, who utilized the concepts of landscape painting that he had learned in China. The garden is centered on the Heart Pond, which is surrounded by layers of brilliant red leaves and has a view of Atago Mountain, which implies the philosophy of Buddhism. The Three Storied Pagoda stands on the grounds, and at the bamboo house of Togenochaya on the way to Kiyomizudera Honbo Main Hall, you can experience painting a traditional craft of Fukuoka Prefecture called "Pheasant Carriage," which has been selected for the World Toys Exhibition, and have fun painting it with your own unique colors as you wish.

Access: 10 minutes by car from JR Sego Station or 15 minutes by car from JR Kyushu Shinkansen Chikugo Funagoya Station.

Address: 1117-4 Setakamachi Motoyoshi, Miyama, Fukuoka 835-0003, Japan

Hours: Closes 5 pm

Phone: +81 944-62-2001

Fukuoka Fall Foliage


Best time to admire Fukuoka autumn leaves 2024 at Komyozen-ji: Mid-November to Early December

Komyozenji Temple, located near Dazaifu Tenmangu, is one of the most famous spots to view the autumn leaves in Fukuoka 2024. It is the only garden in Kyushu that has a dry garden with mountains as its landscape. The entrance of the temple looks ordinary, but once you enter, you will realize that there is something else inside. In Fukuoka autumn 2024, when you stop by the stone garden in the Komyozenji Temple, you will find that the white sand filled with lovely red maples and the maple leaves that have not yet fallen make a beautiful picture.

Address: 2 Chome-16-1 Saifu, Dazaifu, Fukuoka 818-0117, Japan

Akizuki Castle Ruins

Best time to enjoy autumn Fukuoka 2024 at Akizuki Castle Ruins: Mid-November to End of November

Akizuki Castle Ruins, known as Chikuzen's Little Kyoto, is a famous place for Fukuoka fall foliage viewing in Kyushu. Only the remains of the gate of Akizuki Castle, the former residence of the Kuroda clan, remain. The Fukuoka autumn leaves here reflecting on the gate create a unique atmosphere and contrast beautifully with the green cedar forest. Walking along the streets that are full of red leaves, you can enjoy a transition between history and nature.

Address: Japan, 〒838-0011 Fukuoka, Asakura, Akizukinotori, 663

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 946-52-1428

Fukuoka Autumn Leaves

Nomiyama Kannonji Temple

Best time to appreciate the Fukuoka fall colors 2024 at Nomiyama Kannonji Temple: Late-October to Late November

Starting in late October, a wide variety of trees in the Nomiyama Kannonji Temple and on the road leading to the temple begin to turn red, and they reach the peak in November. In particular, maple trees and dogwoods are the most numerous, with about 1,000 trees each.

Address: 227-4 Haginoo, Sasaguri, Kasuya District, Fukuoka 811-2403, Japan

Hours: Closes 5 pm

Phone: +81 92-947-4423

3. Autumn Leaves Kyushu 2024 at Oita Prefecture

Oita has the largest number of hot springs gushing out of Japan, making it the number one destination for hot spring vacations in Japan. In late fall, Oita is also a good place for viewing autumn leaves in Kyushu with fewer crowds. When the maple leaves turn red in Oita autumn 2024, there is a strong romantic atmosphere in the following viewing spots.

Oita Autumn


Best time to see Kyushu fall foliage 2024 at Yabakei: Early to late November

Yabakei, known as one of Japan's three greatest scenic spots, is flanked by cliffs and rocks on both sides and was recognized as a Nationally Designated Cultural Property in 1923. The Hitome Hakkei Observation Deck, which is located at the center of the surrounding rocky peaks, is crowded with people watching the scenery as the maple leaves turn red in autumn. The winding "Aonodōmon" tunnel runs along the smooth Yamakuni River, and the sunrise and sunset against the red leaves, coloring the rocks in fiery red, make you feel the wonders of nature and the work of the gods.

Address: Nakatsu, Oita 871-0201, Japan

Access: About 80 minutes by bus from JR Nakatsu Station


Best time to enjoy Oita autumn 2024 at Kyusuikei: Late October to mid-November

Kyusuikei is one of the most popular maple-viewing spots in Kyushu, and the Kokonoe Yume Otsuribashi, located not far from it, is an excellent spot for viewing the autumn leaves in Oita. Being on the bridge is like walking in the air, floating in the clouds, looking around at the endless stretch of mesmerizing maple leaves as if blending in with the natural beauty, and getting lost in a dreamlike state.

Address: Kuju-gun, Oita Prefecture, Kuju-cho Field

Kyushu Fall Colors at Kinrin Lake

Kinrin Lake

Best time to enjoy Kyushu fall 2024 at Kinrin Lake: Early to Mid-November

Kinrin Lake is formed by the confluence of hot springs. Once the heat from the hot springs at the bottom of the lake rises, white mist surrounds the lake's surface, giving it a misty and mysterious feeling. During the Kinrin Lake autumn, when the Japanese maple leaves around the lake gradually turn red, the bright red colors make this area enchanting.

Address: 1561-1 Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu, Oita 879-5102, Japan

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 977-84-3111


Best time to view autumn leaves Kyushu 2024 at Kujurenzan: End of October to Late November

Kujurenzan, known as the "Roof of Kyushu," is spectacular in autumn in Kyushu when the foothills of the mountains are vivid red and yellow, and the reeds on the higher reaches of the mountains are golden yellow.

Address: Oaza Kujurenzan, Kujurenzan-cho, Takeda-shi, Oita-ken 878-0201

4. Autumn Leaves Kyushu 2024 at Kumamoto Prefecture

Kumamoto, a city nestled in the heart of Kyushu, Japan, offers a mesmerizing autumn escape with its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural landscapes. As the vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold blanket the region, visitors are treated to a visual feast that enhances the allure of iconic landmarks such as Kumamoto Castle and Suizenji Jojuen Garden. Visit the following two spots to enjoy the Kumamoto autumn 2024.

Kumamoto Autumn

Gokanosho Heike no Sato

Best time to admire Kyushu maple leaves 2024 at Gokanosho Heike no Sato: End of October to late November

Gokanosho Heike no Sato, located deep in the mountains of Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture, is known as the "Secret Land of Kumamoto". The historical native forest here attracts many hikers, especially in autumn when the hills are filled with brightly colored red leaves. The purity of the air and water makes every visit to Gokanosho Heike no Sato a healing experience for the soul.

Address: 160-1 Izumimachimomigi, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto 869-4512, Japan

Access: About 1 hour and 10 minutes by car from JR Arisa Station.

Hours: Opens 9 am

Phone: +81 965-67-5372

Kikuchi Gorge

Best time to visit Kikuchi Gorge to view Kyushu red leaves 2024: Late October to mid-November

As the headwaters of the Kikuchi River in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kikuchi Gorge features crystal water. Many waterfalls, abyss, and giant rock formations formed by clear water, including Kakemu Falls, Dawn Falls, and Red Leaf Beach, are dotted among the deep green forests. In late autumn in Kumamoto 2024, it is a rare visual treat to walk along the path alongside the stream, enjoying the gurgling water and the fresh air, and seeing the enchanting red leaves on the ground or in the stream under the dappled sunlight.

Address: 5026 Haru, Kikuchi, Kumamoto 861-1441, Japan

Hours: Closes 5 pm

Phone: +81 968-27-0210


Best time to see Kyushu fall foliage 2024 at Yusuikyo: Late October to Mid-November

Located on the banks of the Utsuchiya River in the Chikugo River basin in Kumamoto Prefecture, Yusuikyo is a popular spot for camping in spring and summer, and for maple leaf viewing in autumn in Kyushu.

Address: Japan, 〒869-2504 Kumamoto, Aso District, Oguni, 阿蘇郡阿蘇郡小国町 大字下城滝ノ上4837-3

Hours: Closes 6 pm

Phone: +81 90-3883-0963

5. Autumn Leaves Kyushu 2024 at Saga Prefecture

Saga autumn scenery is picturesque and charming. There are spectacular castles of the Edo period and old streets, temples full of history, and beautiful parks. And in all of these places, you can find the breathtaking 2024 Kyushu red leaves here and there.

Mifuneyama Rakuen

Best time to view Kyushu maple leaves 2024 at Mifuneyama Rakuen: Early November to Early December

Temples and monuments in the fall have a different poetic and charming atmosphere, and you should definitely pay a visit to the Mifuneyama Rakuen during autumn in Kyushu 2024. Located at the western foot of Mount Mifuneyama in Takeo City, Mifuneyama Rakuen has been preserved from the late Edo period to the present day and was named so because of its resemblance to a sea ship from the Tang Dynasty period. Flowers bloom throughout the four seasons in the vast park. In spring, there are cherry blossoms, azaleas, otoro, and spring foliage (new red and yellow buds that just sprout in spring). In the fall, there are red leaf illuminations. During the best time to enjoy the Mifuneyama Rakuen autumn, with Mt. Mifuneyama at an altitude of 210m as a vista, the garden of 150,000 tsubo spreads out in layers of red, orange, and yellow. There are many scenic spots such as the 170-year-old red maple trees, Azalea Valley, and the pond where you can see the colorful autumn leaves spreading, etc.

Mifuneyama Rakuen is the largest spot of autumn illumination in Japan to enjoy the fall foliage at night. You can also see the colorful maple leaves appearing from the darkness. It is Japan's superlative red leaf night view, which covers about 40,000 tsubo. It's a peaceful autumn scene that can be experienced at night during Kyushu autumn 2024.

Address: 4100 Takeocho Oaza Takeo, Takeo, Saga 843-0022, Japan

Access: 5 minutes by cab from JR Takeo Onsen Station.

Hours: Closes 5 pm

Phone: +81 954-23-3131

Kunenan Gardens

Best time to appreciate the Kyushu red leaves 2024 at Kunenan Gardens: 9 days in mid to late November

Kunenan Gardens was originally the residence of Saga industrialist Itami Yatarō, and was named "Kunenan Gardens" after the nine years it took to transform it into the world-famous garden it is today. The garden of this private residence is large and designed in the style of ancient Kyushu architecture. In the Kyushu fall, this private house, famous for its red leaves, is beautifully colored with maple leaves, which are interwoven with golden ginkgoes and green leaves to create a picturesque scroll. The lush moss in the garden contrasts beautifully with the deep red maple leaves.

Address: 1696 Kanzakimachiikuha, Kanzaki, Saga 842-0123, Japan

6. Autumn Leaves Kyushu 2024 at Nagasaki Prefecture

Nagasaki Prefecture is located in the northernmost part of Kyushu Island, Japan, and is a region rich in history and culture. Here you can visit mysterious islands, taste delicious seafood, and explore fascinating natural landscapes. And autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in Nagasaki when you can enjoy the red leaves, golden rice paddies, and spectacular ocean views. Tour the following 2 spots to see the autumn foliage in Nagasaki 2024.

Mount Unzen

Best time to enjoy Kyushu red leaves 2024 at Mount Unzen: Late October to mid-November

It is said that there are more than 120 kinds of maple trees in Unzen's Mt. Fugen and Myokendake area, and the rich Kyushu fall colors of the cascading red leaves here are majestic. It is recommended to take the Unzen cable car to the Unzen Nita Pass observatory or to look down on the leaf-colored valley from the top of Myokendake. Unzen is also famous for its hot springs, and you can enjoy the beauty of nature at one of the Onsen ryokan here.


Best time to admire the Kyushu fall leaves 2024 at Todorokikyo: Mid-November to Early December

This is a clear stream in Nagasaki Prefecture with over 30 waterfalls of various sizes and has been chosen as one of the top 100 choices for famous water. It is a less-crowded spot to enjoy Kyushu in autumn, whose red maple leaves are enchanting with the backdrop of the waterfalls.

Address: 1106 Takakicho Zenjuji, Isahaya, Nagasaki 859-0125, Japan

Phone: +81 957-32-2111

7. Autumn Leaves Kyushu 2024 at Miyazaki Prefecture

For the best autumn foliage viewing experience in Kyushu, head to Miyazaki Prefecture. Located on the east coast of Kyushu, Miyazaki Prefecture is full of amazing natural beauty with its rolling hills. Where are the best places to enjoy Kyushu autumn foliage 2024 in Miyazaki Prefecture? The answer is in the following:

Ebino Plateau

Best time to enjoy Kyushu autumn colors 2024 at Ebino Plateau: Early November to the End of November

Located on the north side of the Kirishima mountain range, the Ebino Plateau is named after the orange and shrimp-red coloring of the grasses in the area in the fall, as they absorb iron from the soil, making them look like a field full of shrimp. In late August every year, the grass slowly turns shrimp-red, and when you look at it from halfway up Mount Karakuni, the Ebino Plateau looks like a red carpet.

Address: Suenaga, Ebino, Miyazaki 889-4302, Japan

Access: 30 minutes by car from JR Ebino-Iino Station.

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 984-33-0161

Takachiho Gorge Footpath

Best time to enjoy Takachiho Gorge autumn 2024: Mid-November to Late November

Takachiho Gorge in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, is home to a number of attractions such as the Manai Big Falls, and the Takachiho Bridge, and the fall foliage here is particularly stunning. When you visit Takachiho Gorge at Kyushu autumn, whether you are strolling through the leaf-strewn gorge or taking a boat to look up at the beautiful red leaves echoing the dappled sunlight and cascading waterfalls, you will be amazed by the visual impact.

Address: Mukoyama, Takachiho, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki 882-1103, Japan

Hours: Closes 5 pm

Phone: +81 982-73-1213

8. Autumn Leaves Kyushu 2024 at Kagoshima Prefecture

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Kagoshima Prefecture. Here you can enjoy colorful autumn foliage, taste tender and aromatic Kagoshima black pork, experience the unique culture, and feel the magic of nature. Don't miss the following spots to view Kyushu autumn leaves 2024 at Kagoshima.

Kirishima Autumn Foliage

Best time to enjoy Kyushu fall colors 2024 at Kirishima: Late October to Early November

In autumn, the rolling hills of Kirishima are colored with the red hues of the city's maple tree. The colors of the Japanese maple trees here become more and more vivid as you climb up the winding paths of Mount Kirishima. The red leaves of Onamino Pond, Mount Karakuni, Shinkandake, Nakadake, and Mt. Takachiho Peak are in full bloom, making Kirishima's Volcanic crater lake even more attractive, and the unique volcanic atmosphere makes the red and yellow colors of Kyushu in autumn even more magical.

Address: Takachiho, Makien-machi, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Access: 20 minutes by car from JR Kirishima Jingu Station

Kirishima Autumn Leaves at Kagoshima, Kyushu

Kirishima Jingu

Best time to enjoy Kyushu autumn leaves 2024 at Kirishima Jingu: Late October to Early November

Kirishima Jingu Shrine in Kagoshima has a solemn red lacquered main hall. The scenery is particularly attractive during the cherry blossom and red leaf seasons. In autumn, when the trees around the shrine turn red, the red Japanese maple matches the colorful architecture of the shrine, creating a natural beauty.

Address: 2608-5 Kirishimataguchi, Kirishima, Kagoshima 899-4201, Japan

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 995-57-0001

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9. More Things to Do in Kyushu in Autumn 2024

A trip to Kyushu in autumn offers a delightful blend of cultural experiences, natural beauty, and delicious cuisine. Here are some ideas for things to do during your autumn trip to Kyushu in addition to witnessing breathtaking colors of fall foliage in Kyushu 2024.

Beppu Onsen in Kyushu

Hot Springs (Onsen)

Kyushu is famous for its hot springs. Relax and rejuvenate your body and mind in one of the many onsens scattered across the region after your daytime visits to those famous spots to enjoy the Kyushu fall foliage. Beppu, Yufuin, and Kurokawa Onsen are some popular choices.

Hiking and Nature Walks

Explore Kyushu's picturesque countryside by embarking on scenic hikes or leisurely nature walks to enjoy more about the Kyushu autumn. There are plenty of trails to choose from, such as the Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park, Yakushima Island, or the Kunisaki Peninsula.

Cultural Experiences

Immerse yourself in Kyushu's rich cultural heritage by visiting historical sites, temples, and traditional villages. Don't miss places like Kumamoto Castle, Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, and the historic town of Hirado in Kyushu fall.

Culinary Adventures

Sample the diverse and delicious cuisine of Kyushu. Indulge in regional specialties like tonkotsu ramen (pork bone broth noodles), Hakata-style motsunabe (offal hot pot), and fresh seafood dishes. Be sure to also try local delicacies such as Kumamoto's basashi (horse sashimi) and Miyazaki's chicken Nanban during autumn in Kyushu 2024.

Gardens and Parks

Admire the stunning natural scenery at Japanese gardens like Suizenji Jojuen in Kumamoto or Ohori Park in Fukuoka. These serene settings provide a peaceful escape from the bustling city life.

Japanese Garden in Fukuoka in Autumn

Festivals and Events

Check out Kyushu autumn festivals and events happening during your visit. From traditional rituals to modern celebrations, there's always something happening. Keep an eye out for events like the Yufuin Fire Festival or the Karatsu Kunchi Festival.

Island Hopping

Explore some of Kyushu's surrounding islands for a different perspective. Ferry services operate on islands like Yakushima, Amakusa, and Goto Islands, each offering unique attractions ranging from lush forests to historic churches, in addition to the autumn leaves in Kyushu.

Tea Plantation Visits

Take a tour of a tea plantation in areas like Saga or Fukuoka prefectures. Learn about the cultivation and production of Japanese green tea, and enjoy a serene tea-tasting experience surrounded by beautiful autumn colors in Kyushu.

Shopping and Souvenirs

Browse local markets and shops for unique souvenirs and gifts. Look for handmade crafts, ceramics, traditional textiles, and local food products to take home as reminders of your Kyushu autumn adventure.

Scenic Train Rides

Enjoy the stunning autumn landscapes from the comfort of a scenic train ride. Routes like the Yufuin no Mori or the Seven Stars in Kyushu offer luxurious train journeys with panoramic views of the countryside.

Visiting Kyushu in autumn is a fantastic idea! Plan a private guided tour to make the most of your autumn trip 2024 to Kyushu so as to enjoy your travels!

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After knowing about the best time to visit Kyushu for autumn foliage viewing and where to see fall colors in Kyushu, just contact us to customize your 2024 Kyushu autumn tour now, more adventures and autumn scenery in Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Oita, Kumamoto, Miyazaki and Kagoshima are waiting for you to experience.

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