Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival 2024: Enjoy the Best Mt Fuji Fall Foliage

Last Updated: July 04,2024

Japan is regarded as one of the countries with the most beautiful fall foliage in the world and viewing autumn leaves is one of the top things to see and do in Japan. When talking about the Japanese maple leaves, how can we ignore Mount Fuji? Mt Fuji fall foliage 2024 seems to have a little fewer viewing spots when compared to the Kyoto autumn leaves. However, during the Mount Fuji autumn season from October to November, when the maple leaves colors are the most diverse and rich, the snow falling on the distant mountains and the red and green autumn foliage under the mountain are so enchanting that you can't miss the spectacular scenery of the autumn in Mt Fuji.

Table of Contents

1. Mt Fuji Autumn Leaves

2. Best Time to See Mt Fuji Fall Foliage 2024

3. Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival 2024

4. Best Spots to See the 2024 Mount Fuji Autumn Leaves

5. More Experiences to Enjoy Autumn Mt Fuji 2024

6. How to Go to Lake Kawaguchiko from Tokyo

Mt Fuji Autumn Leaves

1. Mt Fuji Fall Foliage

Mt. Fuji during the autumn leaves season is a picture of great beauty. When the autumn wind gently blows, the maple leaves on Mount Fuji burn like fire and a sea of red shimmers in the sunlight from the foot of the mountain to the top, showcasing the unbelievable scene.

Early in the morning, when the sun rises, the Fuji Five Lakes autumn leaves are enveloped in a layer of golden-yellow light, as if the whole mountain is glittering. The mountain's red leaves sway gently in the breeze as if whispering the secrets of Fuji autumn to people. At this time, if you look into the distance, an endless sea of red Mt Fuji fall foliage will unfold before your eyes, which is breathtakingly beautiful.

In the afternoon, when the sun shines brightly, the Mount Fuji autumn leaves become even more colorful. The sunlight passes through the gaps of the leaves and sprinkles on the red leaves, forming a patchwork of light and shadow. At this moment, the Mt Fuji autumn red leaves are like a red torch, burning in the autumn sunshine.

Mt Fuji Fall Foliage

In the evening, when the sun sets, the Mt Fuji autumn leaves become even softer. Under the afterglow, the red maple leaves seem to be gilded with a golden halo. At this time, the red Mt Fuji fall foliage on the mountain and the evening sun in the sky reflect each other, creating a stunning autumnal picture.

On the moonlit night, the autumn foliage of Mt. Fuji looks even more mysterious and romantic. The moonlight sprinkles on the fall leaves, making them shimmer with a silvery light in the dark night. When the Fuji mountain wind blows gently, the red leaves rustle as if telling the story of autumn in Mt Fuji.

The charm of Mt. Fuji is different at every moment during the autumn leaves season. Its fall colors' beauty lies not only in the mountains that are full of red leaves but also in the magnificent scenery that coexists in harmony with nature. Here, you can feel the magic and beauty of fall foliage, and also enjoy the harvest and joy of Mount Fuji in autumn.

2. Mt Fuji Autumn Leaves Forecast 2024

Mt Fuji Autumn Leaves at Mid-Novemeber

Both Mt. Fuji and the red leaves are very popular elements for travelers to Japan in autumn. Especially during the Japan maple leaf season, what a wonderful travel experience it would be to enjoy the visual feast brought about by the interplay of the fall foliage and Mount Fuji at the same time! According to the autumn leaves forecast Japan 2024, the period from mid-October to late November is the most magnificent time for Mt Fuji autumn leaves 2024, and it's also the best time to go to Mount Fuji to enjoy the maple leaves. The Fuji Five Lakes autumn leaves see the peak of the red leaves around mid-November. The beautiful maple leaves and the majestic Mt. Fuji complement each other perfectly, making the fall foliage trip to Mt. Fuji an unforgettable tour in Japan. Why don't you join us on a private trip to Mt. Fuji to enjoy the Five Lakes red leaves 2024?

3. Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival 2024

Each of the Five Lakes offers a different view of Mt. Fuji, but only Lake Kawaguchi offers the most complete and enchanting view of the mountain. Lake Kawaguchiko is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji and is a perfect place to see the reflection of Mt. Fuji. On a clear day, you can see the mirror-like surface of the lake, and the magnificent figure of Mt. Fuji is reflected in the water as if it were a captivating painting. During the Mount Fuji autumn foliage season, the maple leaves on both sides of Lake Kawaguchiko are like fire, forming a sharp contrast with the dignified Mount Fuji under the cover of white snow on the other side of the lake. The scenery of Kawaguchiko autumn leaves is so fascinating that you will be mesmerized as if you were in the midst of a poem or painting.

Autumn Leaves Festival Kawaguchiko

Every year Lake Kawaguchiko hosts the "Autumn Leaves Festival", where the majesty of Mount Fuji and the mesmerizing red foliage of the mountains are a delight to the eyes. With the autumn breeze blowing, you can enjoy relaxation by the mountains, forests, and lakes and feel the natural atmosphere. In the Fuji autumn season when the Lake Kawaguchiko autumn leaves are in full bloom, as far as the eye can see, the mountains are filled with red leaves. The Japanese maple trees on both sides of the mountain are interspersed with shade, and the falling maple leaves make a carpet of red leaves. During the Lake Kawaguchiko autumn leaves festival, the beautifully colored leaves, the majestic Mount Fuji, and the spectacular riverbanks that accompany the fall foliage make for a harmonious and magnificent landscape that is a delight to behold.

Kawaguchiko Autumn Foliage

Enjoy the Mt Fuji Fall Foliage during the Kawaguchiko Autumn

The biggest attraction of the "Autumn Leaves Festival" is the Lake Kawaguchi Maple Corridor that is located on the west side of the main venue. During autumn in Kawaguchiko, there are about 60 giant red maple trees on both sides, about 150 meters long, and the maple leaves fall one by one and fall to the ground like a unique carpet, forming a beautiful maple corridor with a bright red color, which is worth seeing, especially when the sunlight illuminates it in a more dreamy color. At the time of the Kawaguchiko autumn festival, there is also a 1.5-kilometer-long "Red Leaves Street". You can see various kinds of Kawaguchiko autumn leaves along the street, and the view is very dreamlike.

At night, you can also enjoy the Kawaguchiko autumn foliage illumination against the night sky, which is breathtaking. The maple leaves corridor is decorated with illuminated lights, and it looks even more enchanting under the colorful lights. At the same time, you can admire the majestic Mount Fuji from a distance through the gorgeous red leaves under the lights.

In general, at the Lake Kawaguchi Maple Corridor, you can not only enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Mt Fuji red leaves but also taste various snacks and buy various souvenirs. After dark, the illumination of the autumn leaves festival Kawaguchiko gives you a different Mount Fuji autumn view from the daytime.

Lake Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival

Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival 2024 Info:

Location: Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minami-Turi County, Yamanashi Prefecture

Transportation: Take the limited express Fuji Express from JR Shinjuku Station to Kawaguchiko Station in 1 hour and 53 minutes; take the Kawaguchiko Tour Bus (red line) from Kawaguchiko Station and get off at Kubota Itchiku Museum Station in 21 minutes.

Lake Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival Dates: From the end of October to late November

Hours: from 09:00 to 19:00

Lake Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Illuminated Time: 16:30-22:00

Tickets: Free of charge

4. Where to View the Mt Fuji Fall Foliage 2024

Witness the breathtaking colors of autumn as the leaves change into vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. There are so many best places to see autumn leaves in Japan, among which, spots around Mt. Fuji such as the Fuji Five Lakes show you the breathtaking views of the Mount Fuji fall foliage.

Mejestic View of Mt Fuji Autumn Leaves from Arakurayama Sengen Park

Arakurayama Sengen Park

Best time to enjoy Mount Fuji autumn leaves 2024 at Arakurayama Sengen Park: Late October to Early November

Located in the middle of Mount Arakura, Arakurayama Sengen Park is famous for its beautiful distant view of Mt. Fuji, and photographers and tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the majestic scenery. In addition to the stunning view of Mt. Fuji, you can also enjoy the townscape of Fujiyoshida City, which is extremely attractive. It is the best place to see the panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and the maple leaves, which are very beautiful in Arakurayama Sengen Park autumn. In addition, the scenery of Mt. Fuji varies throughout the year, with Sakura in the spring and snow in the winter, harmonizing with the natural environment of the park. Meanwhile, Arakurayama Sengen Park is famous for the seasonal scene where the Chureito Pagoda, Mt. Fuji, cherry blossoms, red leaves, and greenery are photographed together, making it one of the postcard scenes around the Fuji Five Lakes that must not be missed.

Address: 2-chome-4-1 Asama, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi 403-0011, Japan

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 555-21-1000

Oishi Park

Best time to view Fuji fall colors 2024 at Oishi Park: Mid-October to Late October

Oishi Park is located on the north shore of Lake Kawaguchi and offers a stunning view of Lake Kawaguchiko as well as a magnificent view of Mount Fuji. Various kinds of flowers bloom throughout the year, but the most famous one is the flame-red broom grass, which matches the view of Mount Fuji and the lake. The broom grass in Oishi Park starts to turn red around the middle of October every year and is at its best in late October. In the fall, the ground fluffy pom-poms in the park turn reddish-red and are especially cute. This sea of brilliant red broom grass is a must-see when visiting Mount Fuji in autumn! The red leaves, with broom grass and the lake as a decoration, and the view of Mount Fuji in the distance, are a delightful sight during Oishi Park autumn.

Address: 2525番地の11先 Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0305, Japan

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 555-76-8230

Enchanting View of Mt Fuji Fall Foliage from Oshino Hakkai

Oshino Hakkai

Best time to admire Mt Fuji autumn colors 2024 at Oshino Hakkai: Mid-October to Early November

Oshino Hakkai, a short distance away from Arakurayama Sengen Park, is also a place to enjoy fall foliage in Mt. Fuji. Eight spring pools called Oshino Hakkai are formed when the melted snow water from Mount Fuji seeps into the ground. In Mt Fuji autumn, the surrounding trees turn vibrant shades of red and yellow, creating a picturesque setting when framed by autumn foliage. The autumn leaves are breathtaking, and with traditional thatched roofs and slow-moving waterwheels, it is as if you have traveled back to another era when visiting the Oshino Hakkai in the fall.

Address: Shibokusa, Oshino, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0511, Japan

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 555-84-4222

Lake Sagami Park

Best time to appreciate the Mount Fuji autumn leaves 2024 at Lake Sagami Park: Mid-October to Mid-November

Popular among locals, Sagami Lake Park is a less-crowded place to enjoy the Fuji autumn colors. There are some recreational facilities inside the park, and it is set around the entire Lake Sagami Park, where the reddish maple leaves are beautifully reflected in the lake water, making it a wonderful spot to take a walk around the lake and soak up the warm sun of autumn Mt Fuji.

Address: 317-1 Yose, Midori Ward, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-0171, Japan

Hours: 8:30 am - 6 pm

Phone: +81 42-684-3276

Kubota Itchiku Art Museum

Best time to visit Kubota Itchiku Art Museum during Mt Fuji autumn 2024: Late October to Mid-November

Kubota Itchiku Art Museum is next to the Lake Kawaguchi Maple Corridor, and the architectural style of the museum is a major attraction as if it were one with nature. You can view the Mount Fuji fall foliage at the entrance, and there is also an outdoor coffee inside.

Address: 2255 Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0304, Japan

Hours: 10 am - 5 pm

Phone: +81 555-76-8811

Kawaguchiko Museum of Art

Best time to enjoy Mt Fuji foliage leaves 2024 at Kawaguchiko Museum of Art: End of October to Mid-November

Located on the shore of Lake Kawaguchiko, the Kawaguchiko Museum of Art displays many works of art on the theme of Mount Fuji. In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum also organizes various project exhibitions and exhibitions of photographs of Mount Fuji. One of the attractions of the museum is that you can enjoy not only the works of art but also the stunning autumn foliage view of Lake Kawaguchi and Mt. Fuji. It is also recommended to relax in the café inside the museum or on the lawn square in front of the museum.

Address: 3170 Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0304, Japan

Hours: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Phone: +81 555-73-8666

Which viewing spot do you want to visit to enjoy the Mt Fuji autumn festival? Let us know your preference to customize your private Fuji autumn leaves tour 2024 now!

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5. Unmissable Experiences When Visiting Mount Fuji in Autumn 2024

Enjoying Mt Fuji autumn is a magical experience, with its vibrant foliage and crisp air adding to the majestic beauty of the landscape. In addition to taking in the stunning Mt Fuji fall foliage around the Fuji Five Lakes area, here are some activities you shouldn't miss during an autumn trip to Mount Fuji:

●Dip in the Soothing Hot Springs (Onsen)

Unwind and relax in one of the many hot springs near Mount Fuji, such as those in the Fuji Five Lakes area or the nearby town of Hakone. Soaking in a hot spring surrounded by Mt Fuji autumn leaves is a perfect way to rejuvenate after a day of sightseeing and is a truly blissful experience. Consider staying at a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) with a private onsen for the ultimate indulgence. Check out the best onsen around Mount Fuji where you can soak while enjoying views of the mountain.

Enjoy Thrilling Rides in Fuji-Q Highland

●Experience the Thrilling Rides in Fuji-Q Highland

If you're looking for some excitement and fun, or if you're traveling with family or friends, consider a visit to Fuji-Q Highland amusement park, located at the base of Mount Fuji. It offers thrilling rides and attractions, and during Fuji autumn, you can enjoy views of the Mount Fuji autumn leaves from some of the rides.


Experience the beauty of autumn nights by camping near Mt. Fuji. There are several campsites around the mountain where you can set up tents and enjoy stargazing with the silhouette of Mt. Fuji in the background.

Sunset Mt Fuji

●View Mt Fuji Sunset or Sunrise

Experience the magical sight of sunrise or sunset at Mt Fuji. The changing colors of the sky combined with the silhouette of the mountain create an unforgettable moment during the Mt Fuji autumn festival.

●Experience Scenic Drives

Take a scenic drive around the Fuji Five Lakes region or along the Fuji Subaru Line, or take a scenic train ride on the Fujisan View Express or the Fuji Excursion Limited Express for panoramic views of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding fall foliage landscapes. There are several viewpoints and rest areas along the way where you can stop and take in the majestic scenery adorned with Mt Fuji autumn colors.

●Sample Local Cuisine

Don't forget to savor the seasonal delicacies of the region during the Mount Fuji autumn. Indulge in hearty dishes like Houtou (a thick noodle stew), Koshu Hoto (a hotpot dish with flat noodles), or Yamanashi's famous fruits such as grapes and peaches. Pair your meals with local sake for a complete gastronomic experience.

Mount Fuji in Autumn

Take a Fuji Five Lakes Cruise

Enjoy a leisurely cruise on one of the Fuji Five Lakes, such as Lake Kawaguchi. The reflections of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding fall colors on the water are simply breathtaking during the Fuji Five Lakes autumn.

No matter what you hope to experience, our tailor-made autumn Mt Fuji trip 2024 will meet your needs.

6. How to Get to Lake Kawaguchiko from Tokyo?

Many people would like to enjoy a 1-day trip from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchiko so that they can enjoy both fall foliage in Tokyo and Lake Kawaguchiko Maple Leaves Festival during the autumn foliage season. But how far is Lake Kawaguchiko from Tokyo? Lake Kawaguchiko is located in the Fuji Five Lakes region, which is about 100 kilometers (62 miles) west of Tokyo. It typically takes around 1.5 to 2.5 hours to travel from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchiko, depending on the mode of transportation and traffic conditions.

To go to Lake Kawaguchiko from Tokyo, you have several transportation options:

By Train:

Take the JR Chuo Line from Tokyo Station to Otsuki Station.

Transfer to the Fujikyu Railway and take the Fujisan Limited Express or Fujisan View Express to Kawaguchiko Station.

The journey takes about 2 to 2.5 hours depending on connections and costs around 3,000 to 4,000 yen.

By Bus:

You can also take a direct highway bus from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchiko.

The bus ride takes around 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on traffic conditions, and costs around 1,600 to 2,000 yen.

By Car:

If you're driving, you can take the Chuo Expressway from Tokyo to the Kawaguchiko Interchange. From there, it's a short drive to Lake Kawaguchiko. The journey typically takes around 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.

Mount Fuji Autumn Leaves

Each option has its pros and cons in terms of cost, travel time, and convenience, so choose the one that best fits your preferences and schedule. If you still hesitate on how to get from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchiko, our private guided tour will take you directly to Lake Kawaguchiko without any worries.


There are so many funny things to do during autumn in Mt Fuji! The ever-changing colors of autumn, from green to yellow to different levels of red, make you feel that being in the midst of this transformation of the Mt Fuji fall foliage scenery is a romantic thing in itself. Are you ready to embark on a private 2024 Mount Fuji autumn leaves tour?

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