Sakura Season: Best Spots to View Japanese Cherry Blossom 2024

Last Updated: February 08,2024

Japanese cherry blossom has been widely planted since the Heian Period, and as a result, a strong culture has developed between Japan and cherry blossoms, which have even been called the national flower of Japan. Among the Japanese cherry blossom tree types, Someiyoshino is the most common and popular among all the Hanami in Japan.

Cherry blossom's flower language is "spiritual beauty" and "elegant woman". But where is the Sakura near me? If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of cherry trees and step on the pink carpet of petals, you are highly recommended the cherry blossom viewing in Japan, where many events are organized to coincide with the local Sakura Hanami season. Tell us your expectations and let us make your private Sakura itinerary to prepare for your 2024 Japan tour now, you will be satisfied with it.

Table of Contents

1. Cherry Blossom in Kyushu Region

2. Cherry Blossoms in Kanto Region

3. Sakura in Kansai Region

4. Cherry Blossom Places in the Hokuriku Region

5. Cherry Blossom Park in Hokkaido & Tohoku Region

6. How to Enjoy the Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Festival

Cherry Blossom Festival Japan

1. Cherry Blossom near Me in Kyushu Region

When you are in the Kyushu area during your trip to Japan in springtime, don't miss the Okinawa cherry blossom, the Nagasaki cherry blossom, the Fukuoka Sakura, and the Kagoshima cherry blossom.

Okinawa cherry blossom at Nago Castle Ruins

Best Viewing Time: Late January - Late February

Address: 5511 Nago, Okinawa 905-0012, Japan

Access: Approx. a 5-minute walk from the Nago Terminal to the entrance of Nago Castle.

Cherry Blossom Variety: Cerasus campanulata

Phone: +81 980-52-7434

The Nago Castle ruins are located on the hills of Nago City, roughly in the center of Okinawa's main island. It has the largest number of cherry blossoms in Japan, and about 20,000 Cerasus campanulata cherry blossoms have been planted, and in late January during the Okinawa Sakura season, the cherry blossoms come into full bloom, producing rich pink flowers. When you look out from the observatory, you can see the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms in full bloom, as well as the neighborhood of Nago City and Nago Bay, and the magnificent scenery of the Yamahara area.

 Nagasaki cherry blossom at Omura Park

Best Viewing Time: March 20 - March 29

Address: 1 Chome-45-3 Kushima, Ōmura, Nagasaki 856-0834, Japan

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 957-53-4111

Transportation: Take a 10-minute bus ride from JR Omura Station and get off at the bus stop in front of the city hall.

Omura Park was selected as one of the "Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Japan" and it is the best place to view Nagasaki Sakura. There are 21 kinds of cherry blossoms and about 2,000 cherry blossom trees in the park, and the most unique feature is the Omura cherry blossoms with 60 to 200 petals, so you can imagine the magnificence of the park at Sakura month in Japan. OMURA PARK has a long cherry blossom viewing period with many different varieties of cherry blossoms blooming at different times. Omura Shrine, located in the east of the park, is one of the best spots for cherry blossom viewing in Nagasaki.

Fukuoka cherry blossom at Maizuru Park

Best Viewing Time: March 21 - March 30

Address: 1-4 Jonai, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, 810-0043, Japan

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 92-781-2153

Transportation: Get off at Ohori Park Station on the subway Kuko Line and walk for about 5 minutes from Exit 5.

Maizuru Park is located near Ohori Park and the Fukuoka City Museum of Art, and it is a famous tourist spot to view Sakura in Fukuoka. There are more than 1,000 cherry trees from Japan in the park, and the Fukuoka Castle Cherry Blossom Festival is held every year during the Fukuoka Sakura season. What you cannot miss are the illumination of cherry blossoms at night and various food stalls at the festival, which makes the park very lively.

Kagoshima cherry blossom at Tadamoto Park

Best Viewing Time: March 22 – April 3

Address: 2484-193 Okuchiharada, Isa, Kagoshima 895-2506, Japan

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 995-29-4113

Transportation: Take the Nankoku Kotsu bus from Shin-Mizumata Station on the JR Kyushu Shinkansen or Hiza Orange Railway for about 1 hour, get off at Meikogakuen, and walk for 5 minutes.

Tadamoto Park is also one of the "Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Japan", and it is popular among locals for its two-kilometer-long cherry blossom avenue. The two sides of the avenue are lined with Osama Senbonzakura cherry blossom trees, and at night there are thousands of lanterns reflecting the cherry blossom tunnels, making it even more fantastic at Kagoshima Sakura time.

Nakameguro cherry blossom

2. Cherry Blossoms near Me in the Kanto Region

When you are traveling to the Kanto region in Japan, if it is the Japanese cherry blossom viewing time, the Sakura in Tokyo is highly recommended to you.

Tokyo Japan cherry blossom at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Best Viewing Time: March 23 – March 30

Address: 11 Naitomachi, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0014, Japan

Hours: Closed at 4:00 PM

Phone: +81 3-3350-0151

Cherry blossom varieties: Someiyoshino cherry blossom, Yamazakura, Satozakura, etc.

Transportation: Walk from Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line.

Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan and the most popular cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo. More than 1,000 cherry trees of about 70 different types of Sakura in Japan are planted, and the number of varieties is the largest. When spring comes, the cherry blossoms are full of colors and layers, and the garden is crowded with people, having picnics under the cherry trees to experience the Tokyo Hanami After viewing the Shinjuku Gyoen Sakura, you can also enjoy the gardening, which is divided into three sections: Japanese Garden, English Garden, and French Garden, each with its own unique style.

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Park: Ueno Park

Best Viewing Time: March 24 – March 29

Nearby Station: Ueno Station

Address: Uenokoen, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0007, Japan

Hours: Closed at 11 PM

Phone: +81 3-3828-5644

Ueno Park has Japan's premier nighttime cherry blossom corridor. Around the Ueno Pond, about 2 kilometers of Someiyoshino cherry blossoms are planted, and the surface of the pond reflects the Ueno Sakura in full bloom, making it the best place to take photos at cherry blossom time in Japan 2024. Every April, the park holds the Ueno cherry blossom festival, where visitors can light paper candles and enjoy the beautiful nighttime cherry blossoms in the park.

Chidorigafuchi Sakura Festival

Tokyo Cherry at Chidorigafuchi Park

Best Viewing Time: March 26 – March 30

Address: Japan, 〒100-0001 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Kojimachi, 1 Chome−2

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 3-5211-4243

Access: 3-minute walk from Kudanshita Station on the Tozai Line of the Eidan Subway

Chidorigafuchi is second only to Ueno Park as a cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo cherry blossom season. During the best time to visit Tokyo for cherry blossoms, 800 Someiyoshino cherry trees and Yamazakura cherry trees are blooming, and its nighttime Sakura extravaganza is also very prosperous and beautiful.

3. Sakura near Me in the Kansai Region

Where are the best places to view the Japanese Sakura tree when you are in the Kansai region? You can enjoy the best Sakura viewing in Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara.

Kyoto Cherry Blossom at Kiyomizu-dera

Best Viewing Time: March 23 – April 1

Address: 1 Chome-294 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 605-0862, Japan

Phone: +81 75-551-1234

Cherry blossom varieties: Shidarezakura, Ezo-yamazakura, Omuro Zakura, etc.

Transportation: 10-minute walk from Gojosaka Bus Stop on City Bus No. 206/100 from Kyoto Station.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple, one of the three most famous cherry blossom spots in Kyoto, is the oldest temple in Kyoto. It is worth seeing because of its unique architecture, but it is also a good place for the best Sakura viewing in Japan in the spring season and a famous place for leaf-peeping in fall, so you can enjoy different experiences throughout the year.

Cherry Blossom Season Japan

Kyoto Sakura at Maruyama Park

Best Viewing Time: March 24 – April 1

Address: Maruyamacho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto 605-0071, Japan

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81 75-561-1778

Transportation: About 15 minutes by bus from JR Kyoto Station.

Where is the best Japanese cherry blossom in Kyoto? Maruyama Park is one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spot in Kyoto, and is home to a large number of "weeping cherry trees" that are over 200 years old, making them a rare species of cherry blossom in Japan. The grand finale of the Sakura viewing season is the Nighttime Cherry Blossom Viewing in Gion, and the park has been designated as a Japanese national scenic spot.

Osaka Cherry Blossom

Osaka Japan Cherry Blossom at Tenshu in Osaka Castle

Best Viewing Time: March 25 – April 1

Address: 1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 540-0002, Japan

Hours: Closed at 5:00 PM

Phone: +81 6-6941-3044

Access: About 15-20 minutes on foot from Osaka Castle Park Station and Morinomiya Station by the JR Osaka Loop Line.

During the cherry blossom season in Osaka, about 4,300 cherry trees bloom all around Osaka Castle, and the best place to enjoy Osaka hanami is from the eight-story observation deck of the Tenshu Pavilion, where you can see the cityscape of Osaka from afar and enjoy the splendid Osaka Castle Sakura in full view. The Nishinomaru Garden to the west of Tenshukaku is home to more than 600 cherry blossom trees, mainly those of Someiyoshino. The "Cherry Blossom Viewing Night" is held in early April every year during the Osaka Sakura season. Osaka Castle is full of Japanese tradition and there are as many as 4,000 cherry trees in the castle, and when the Osaka Castle cherry blossom is in full bloom, the sky is filled with pink cherry blossoms that are visually stunning.

Yoshino Sakura

Nara Cherry Blossom at Mount Yoshino

Best Viewing Time: March 27 – April 2

Nearby Station: Yoshino Station (Kintetsu-Yoshino Line)

Address: Yoshinoyama, Yoshino-cho, Yoshino-gun, Nara, 639-3115

Tel: 0746-39-9237

Access: From Abenobashi Station on the Kintetsu Yoshino Line to Kintetsu Yoshino Station, and then transfer to the Aerial Cable Car to Yoshinoyama Station.

Where are the most representative spots for cherry blossom viewing in Japan? There must be Mt. Yoshino. Since Shiroyama cherry trees are said to be the trees where the gods reside, they have gradually become abundant in number in Japan. About 30,000 cherry blossom trees, mainly Shiroyama cherry trees, bloom all over the mountain, and the cherry blossoms bloom gradually from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, and you can enjoy 1,000 cherry blossoms at a time at Yoshino Mountain during the Nara Sakura period. There are also Japanese-style inns in the mountain where you can soak in the soothing Japan Onsen

4. Cherry Blossom Places near Me in Hokuriku Region

When your Japan tour heads to the Hokuriku Region during the spring season, you may be curious about the cherry blossom festival near me? Are there any Japanese cherry blossom tree festival? Of course, you can enjoy the Hanami at Nagoya and Shizuoka.

Nagoya Sakura at Nagoya Castle Main Keep

Best Viewing Time: March 21 – March 31

Address: Japan, 〒460-0031 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka Ward, Honmaru, 1−1 名古屋城

Phone: +81 52-231-1700

Transportation: Take the JR Shinkansen to Nagoya Station.

Nagoya Castle, one of the three most famous castles in Japan, has a large number of cherry blossoms, with 2,000 cherry trees planted, which give off a different flavor by day and by night. To enjoy the Nagoya cherry blossoms, you can come in the morning, climb up to the castle tower, and walk to the top floor to enjoy the view of Nagoya from high above, and you can also see the cherry blossom in Nagoya below the castle at the same time.

Shizuoka Sakura at Izu Peninsula

Best Viewing Time: Late January – Early February

Address: Kawazu-machi, Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture

Transportation: Take the JR Tokaido Main Line Limited Express from Tokyo Station to Kawazu Station, or transfer to the Izu Express at Atami Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen to Kawazu Station.

The earliest cherry blossoms in Japan bloom on the Izu Peninsula, and the greatest concentration of the Izu Sakura occurs in the area around Kawazu Railway Station. Around February every year, the Kawazu cherry blossom bloom, and the cherry flowers are large and dark in color. In the evening, nighttime cherry blossom viewing event is held during the Kawazu Sakura festival.

5. Cherry Blossom Park near Me at Hokkaido and Tohoku Region

If you are traveling to Japan at the end of April or early May, you have missed the best time for cherry blossoms blooming in Japan in most areas, but you are lucky to catch the chance to view the Hokkaido cherry blossom and Tohoku cherry blossom. But where are the cherry blossom gardens near you?

Matsumae Park to View Hokkaido Sakura

Best Viewing Time: April 26 to May 5

Nearby Station: Kikonai Station

Address: Matsushiro, Matsumae, Matsumae District, Hokkaido 049-1511, Japan

Access: Take a 95-minute bus ride from Kikonai Station.

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Admission Fee: Free

Tel: +81 139-42-2275

Cherry Blossom Variety: Chishima Cherry Blossom

Matsumae Park is one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots to view Hokkaido Japan cherry blossom, and it is quite an excellent sight to see 250 species of Japanese Sakura tree and more than 10,000 cherry blossoms blooming at almost the same time.

Maruyama Park to Admire Sapporo Cherry Blossom

Best Viewing Time: May 2 - May 6

Opening Time: Open 24 hours

Tel: +81 11-621-0453

Nearby Station: Maruyama-Koen Station

Address: 3 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Miyagaoka 064-0959

Transportation: Get off at Maruyama Park Station on the Tozai Subway Line.

Maruyama Park in Sapporo was a tree testing ground during the Meiji period and was not converted into a park until the end of the Meiji period. During the Sapporo Sakura season at the end of April, not only can you enjoy the stunning cherry blossoms in the park, but the authorities even relax the rule that no fires are allowed in the park so that tourists visiting the park on a designated day can enjoy the cherry blossoms while barbecuing, which is sure to be an authentic and interesting experience for your Japan cherry blossom trip.

 Nijukken Road Cherry Blossoms to Enjoy Best Cherry Blossom in Japan

Best Viewing Time: May 4 - May 12

Address: Shizunaitahara, Shinhidaka-cho, Hidaka-gun, Hokkaido 056-0144

Nearby Station: Shizunai Station

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Admission Fee: Free

Tel: +81 146-42-1000

The Nijukken Road Cherry Blossoms features 12 meters wide and 7 kilometers long in Shizunai-cho and has been selected as a Hokkaido Heritage Site. The Nijukken Road Cherry Blossoms Lane holds the Sakura festival every year and is one of the top 100 spots to see cherry blossom in Japan. During the best time to go to Japan for cherry blossoms in Hokkaido in early May, 3,000 cherry trees such as Ezo cherry trees on both sides of the road are in full bloom, making it a beautiful sight to behold.

6. How to Enjoy the 2024 Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Festival

When I take a trip to Japan in 2024, if there are cherry blossom trees near me, how can I enjoy the cherry blossom tree from Japan? Here are the top 5 recommendations for Cherry Blossom Viewing.

Hanami Japan

1) Picnic under the Cherry Blossom Tree

The best way to enjoy the Japanese cherry blossoms festival in a park is to buy a few specialty snacks, sit on the ground like the Japanese, admire the blossoms, eat snacks, and sip wine under the cherry blossom trees.

Tips: Ueno Park in Tokyo, Nara Park, Nishi Park and Maizuru Park in Fukuoka, and Goryokaku Park in Hakodate are all good places to have a picnic at Japan Sakura month.

2) Cherry Blossom Viewing in Kimono

If you put on a beautiful kimono and walk under the cherry blossom trees with light-colored wooden clogs, your hair will be covered with scattered cherry blossom petals, and you will look even lovelier than the blossoms. The most beautiful gesture when you walk under the cherry blossom trees to take pictures is when you bow your head tenderly.

Tips: When choosing the color of the kimono, you must remember to contrast with the scenery, so that the photos will look good, it is not recommended to wear a pink kimono.

Sakura Blossom Festival Japan

3) Cycling along the Cherry Blossom Avenue

If you are active and energic, why don't you ride a bicycle along Cherry Blossom Avenue during Japan Sakura season? Pedal the bike all the way forward, accompanied by the scent of flowers in the wind, and see the cherry blossom trees quickly back on both sides, you will feel very enjoyable in spring.

4) Experiencing the Sakura Flower Viewing by Train

If you don't feel like riding a bicycle, just take a cherry blossom train and pass through the cherry blossom tunnels, you will be amazed at the extreme beauty of the Sakura flower in Japan.

Tips: Although there are many special cherry blossom trains in the spring season in Japan, the Arashiyama Train Sakura Tunnel has always been the most popular to enjoy Kyoto Sakura in Japan.

5) Taking a Boat to See Cherry Blossom Trees on the River

When you take a boat on the river during the Sakura period in Japan, hundreds of cherry blossom trees along the river are winding. If the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, they are brilliant as rosy clouds and when the cherry blossoms fade, the pink petals are floating on the water, making the scene very spectacular.

Tips: Chidorigafuchi and Meguro River in Tokyo are good places for cherry blossom viewing by boat at Tokyo Sakura season, and if you stay at HOSHINOYA-FUJI, why not experience viewing Mt. Fuji cherry blossom by boat on Lake Kawaguchi under Fuji Mountain?


Here we have listed the best places to see Sakura in Japan and the best ways to enjoy the Japanese Sakura tree. Whether you are in the Kyushu area, Kanto area, Kansai area, Hokuriku area, Hokkaido, or Tohoku area, there always are the perfect spots for cherry blossom viewing at Japan Sakura season 2024, and all you need to do is to tailor make your Japanese Cherry Blossom Tour now.

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