Mount Yoshino Sakura Viewing: Enjoy Nara Cherry Blossom Season

Last Updated: February 08,2024

To travel to Japan, how can you miss the cherry blossoms? If you travel to Japan in spring, head to Mount Yoshino, which is famous for Sakura. In April when it is the best time to view Mt. Yoshino Sakura, (Related Reading>>>Japan Sakura Schedule) pink cherry blossoms fill the mountains, and this is the Yoshino Senbonzakura, which has a great reputation. During the Nara cherry blossom season, many people rush to the World Heritage Site Mount Yoshino to pursue the most beautiful scene of Yoshino Sakura. If you are interested in the Yoshino Kansai cherry blossom, submit your preference to get your tailored itinerary now.

Table of Contents

1. Mount Yoshino in Nara

2. Mount Yoshino Sakura

3. Historical Sites in Mount Yoshino

4. Food and Accommodations in Mount Yoshino

5. Mount Yoshino Info

1. Mount Yoshino in Nara

Nara Prefecture in Kansai is an ancient capital with a long history and splendid culture. It has many famous temples and historical relics. Todaiji Temple, Nara Park, Horyuji Temple, Kofuku-ji Temple, etc. are very famous tourist attractions. In the southern part of Nara, there is a famous Buddhist practice place, Mount Yoshino, which is known as one of the famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. (Further Reading>>>Best Places to View Cherry Blossoms in Japan)

As a place of practice for the Buddhist sect many believers came here to donate cherry trees. For a long time, cherry blossoms have blossomed all over the mountains here. Today, Mount Yoshino is covered with about 30,000 cherry trees of various varieties, and many tourists come to admire the endless cherry blossoms.

Yoshino Nara Cherry Blossom

2. Mount Yoshino Cherry Blossom Viewing

In the late spring season, cherry blossoms paint layers of pink and white on Mount Yoshino. You can admire the cherry blossoms from the foot of the mountain to the top. Whether you are under the cherry trees to have a closer look at cherry blossoms, or standing on the high overlooking the whole of Mount Yoshino, each place will give you an impactful cherry blossom view.

Depending on the region, Mount Yoshino cherry blossoms can be divided into four parts: Shimosenbon, Nakasenbon, Kamisenbon, and Okusenbon. Because of the different climates and altitudes, in each region, you can watch a fine show of cherry blossoms from late March to late April. You can enjoy great viewing at any time during this period.


Kamisenbon cherry blossoms, which can be seen from Hanayakura Observatory, are a representative stunning view of Mount Yoshino. During the cherry blossom viewing period, you can take a temporary bus from Kintetsu Yoshino Station to Nakasenbon. You can then transfer to Kamisenbon. It should be noted that it is generally not possible to enter by car due to traffic control. It can get very crowded during cherry blossom season, so try to leave early.

Ichimoku Senbon

Although Kamisenbon is the representative stunning view of Mt. Yoshino, the entire mountain is covered in cherry blossoms, and Naka-Senbon and Shimo-Senbon alone are exciting enough to enjoy the Yoshino Japan cherry blossom. There are many temporary buses to Nakasenbon Park from Kintetsu Yoshino Station, so transportation is very convenient, and we recommend that you take the bus here if you are traveling to Japan. Nakasenbon Park is located in the uppermost part of the Nakasenbon area, and from there you can take advantage of the downhill road to view the cherry blossoms as you walk down. After going down, there is "Yoshimizu Shrine" in Nakasenbon. There is a point called "Ichimoku Senbon", which literally means you can see Nakasenbon and Kamisenbon at a glance. It is free if you just enjoy the cherry blossoms, but it is recommended to pay for a visit to the shrine as it houses and displays valuable cultural artifacts.

Yoshino Mountain Cherry Blossom

3. Appreciating the Historical Sites in Mount Yoshino Apart from Sakura

In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, Mount Yoshino has other attractions. The most famous of these are the shrines and temples of Mount Yoshino. You will also encounter several historic shrines and temples in Mount Yoshino, such as Yoshino Water Shrine, Kinmine Shrine, Kinpuzanji Temple, and Yoshimizu Shrine, etc. each of these temples has a unique architectural style and rich cultural heritage that is worth visiting. One of the most important temples is the Yoshimizu Shrine, which is dedicated to the gods who guard Mount Yoshino. You can visit the shrine and experience the traditional Japanese blessing and sacrifice ceremonies. If you have an interest in the history of Japan, Mount Yoshino will please you and show you some culture about Japan. Not only are there many historical sites on Mount Yoshino, but the entire mountain has been registered as a World Heritage Site. You can walk through the shrines and temples and enjoy the cherry blossoms while experiencing the ancient majesty of them.

4. Food and Accommodations in Mount Yoshino

Of course, the beauty of the natural landscape and the rich cultural history cannot fully explain the appeal of Mount Yoshino. You can also enjoy the delicious food in Mount Yoshino. Yoshino Mountain belongs to Nara Prefecture, and Nara is most famous for kudzu powder. Some of them are made into small snacks and some into small dishes, which are unique. In the Mt. Yoshino neighborhood, you can also enjoy local cuisine. While enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms, you can relax and enjoy specialties such as persimmon leaf sushi and kudzu, fern rice, mountain vegetable dishes, and a variety of delicious strawberries. There are various traditional Japanese cuisines and mountain ingredients for you to choose from at restaurants in Mount Yoshino.

In addition, there are a number of hot springs and minshuku around Mt. Yoshino for you to relax and enjoy the local hot spring culture, ranging from traditional tatami-mat rooms to modern hot spring hotels and you can choose according to your preference and budget to better experience the fascinating scene of Yoshino Japan cherry blossom in full blooming during the Nara Sakura season.

Cherry Blossom Mount Yoshino

5. Mount Yoshino Info:

Basic Information:

Best Viewing Time: March 28 – April 9

Address: Yoshinoyama, Yoshino, Yoshino District, Nara 639-3115, Japan

Nearby Station: Yoshino Station

Distance from Nara: 50.9 KM

Distance from Osaka: 76.8 KM

Distance from Kyoto: 110.1 KM

Transportation to Yoshino:

During the cherry blossom season in Japan, people who enjoy the Osaka Sakura or Kyoto Sakura would like to visit Mt. Yoshino for more enjoyment of cherry blossom viewings in Japan, as both Osaka to Mt. Yoshino and Kyoto to Mount Yoshino are not far away.

From Osaka: About 75 minutes by Kintetsu Limited Express from Osaka Abenobashi Station

From Kyoto: 1 hour and 40 minutes by limited express from Kyoto Station on Kintetsu Line (change in front of Narahara Jingu Shrine).

From Nagoya: When taking on a limited express train, you will need a limited express ticket for a reserved seat in addition to your ticket.

How to Climb the Yoshino Mountain:

Exit Kintetsu Yoshino Station at the foot of Mt. Mountain, you can arrive at the top of Yoshino Mountain by following ways:

By Ropeway: 610 yen round trip/adult; 310 yen round trip/child

By walking: Take the hiking trail after exiting the station and it usually takes 20-30 minutes to get there.

By shuttle bus: During the cherry blossom viewing period, there are sightseeing buses and shuttle buses available.

Tips: Try not to drive yourself during the cherry blossom viewing period, as the congestion and parking are very torturous for your Japan tour.

Mount Yoshino Sakura


The cherry blossoms of Mt. Yoshino are bright-colored and charming when they are in full bloom. Compared to the refined elegance of cherry blossoms in cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka, Yoshino Sakura features heartwarming beauty. Especially from the top of the mountain, you can see the entire Yoshino Mountain. You can see the sea of blossoms as far as the eye can see, and on a windy day, you can feel the romantic cherry blossoms blowing down. Take a Japan cherry blossom tour, and come to Mount Yoshino, whether it is the enjoyment of the eyes or the soul, it will not disappoint you.

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