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Last Updated: February 04,2020

China has always been a popular tourist destination ever since the days of Marco Polo. Located in the East, China's diverse culture has a little something for everyone. It is breathtakingly beautiful and at the same time has a very rich cultural heritage. This has resulted in an increase of tourists traveling to China to not only sightseeing but also to indulge in and experience its local customs and traditions. Whether you are a first-time traveler or an experienced one, the thought of traveling to China might seem a bit overwhelming at first but worry no more! UME Travel is considering the initiation of a comprehensive and informative set of reports that will include the main tourist attractions and things to do while in China. A few of these attractions have been listed below to give you a flavor of what to expect when visiting China.

Are you a nature lover?

Are you a nature enthusiast, adventurer, and love to travel? Do you enjoy authentic yet scenic beauty? If yes, then China is the right place for you. It has a huge landmass that possesses beautiful scenery. It does not matter whether you intend to travel towards the North, South, East or West of China. You will encounter beautiful big mountains, clear flowing rivers, green trees, and clear sands irrespective of the area.  

It is the kind of beauty that the best of writers and the best of painters couldn’t do justice and have written beautiful writings about the land of China and painters have painted some amazingly beautiful paintings. Whether spring or autumn, every season is more beautiful and different than the previous one. It won’t be wrong to say that it is like heaven on Earth.

Do you love history?

There is no doubt that China has a very rich cultural and a historical heritage. Its history dates to over 3000 years and it comes as no surprise that Chinas’ historical sites are the main attractions for all tourists visiting China.

UNESCO World Heritage has a complete list of historical places to visit in China. China has over 50 such historical sites, making it the second country that has this many landmarks. So it’s not wrong to say that China is loaded with tourism resources. 

Panda Tours

The giant panda, China's national animal signal, has millions of fans because of its rare black-and-white appearance, large circles of eyes and slow and cute movements. For panda lovers, visiting a panda base in Chengdu, holding a baby panda, or joining in a volunteer program can all be a lifetime experience in their hometown. 

Sichuan has the largest number of wild pandas and breeding pandas, so it also has the largest panda base in China. When planning a panda tour, going to Sichuan is a clear choice. Check out our panda travel guide for more information about giant pandas in China and where to see these cute pandas.

Old Rustic Charm

China does not only lure its tourists with its elegant and advance cities but it also offers a great deal of ancient charm. You will find several old towns and villages which will be again loaded with lots of places to see. Everything from the architecture of the villages to the folk culture is beyond amazing and an experience in itself. 

The Chinese village regions are also full of historical legends and tales dating back to centuries. The general ambiance of these villages is very simple. It instantly makes you feel at ease the moment you set foot in there. The top villages and towns of China have been listed here along with positive reviews about great experiences from tourists all over the world. Check them out to see which one you would prefer to visit when traveling to China.

Availability of Hiking Options

When it comes to the rich and diverse cultural history of China, the Five Great Mountains (Wu Yue) are worthy of a mention. Although they are not as tall as Mount Emei (3099m) and Mount Wutai (3058m), these five mountains still hold great importance in Chinese tourism. They are situated in opposite directions and each one is worth a visit. They are also the main ashram of Chinese Taoism and associated with the worship tradition of ancient mount gods and the theory of the Taoist elements, namely gold, wood, water, fire and soil. In fact, there is a popular saying in China that roughly states that a trip to the China's five great mountains renders small trips to other lesser popular mountains unnecessary. 

Buddhist Temples and Monasteries

The religion of Buddhism in China dates back to the Western Han dynasty and the Eastern Han Dynasty (202 BC -220 AD). Since then Buddhism influence on the Chinese culture is evident ranging from philosophy and literature to arts and politics. 

There are numerous temples and monasteries in China that practice and promote Buddhism. These temples and monasteries are a must visit for an in-depth and closer look into the religion of Buddhism. 

Heaven for Foodies!

Now, who doesn’t like Chinese food? There is no better place to east Chinese other than China itself. Not only will you be served the most authentic items but also the delicious eateries which stand out. Enjoy the Chinese food in any of the traditional Chinese venue. 

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