Where to see the giant panda in China

Last Updated: December 14,2018

There are many individuals who have the dream of watching the giant pandas in their natural habitat. However, this facility is not available around the world. If you are truly planning to see the giant pandas the best way to make it possible is by visiting China. However, once you are in China it does not mean that you would be able to find the panda anywhere you like. It is an endangered species that are kept in proper protection to assure that it can be secured and preserved for a long time. 

There are only 4 famous reserves for giant pandas in China where you can get a chance to see the pandas in real life. If you are ready to experience the pandas in the best possible way, here we have everything you need to know about the destinations and all the exciting things that you will find there.


Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center

It is one the biggest reserves of panda that has been properly organized to assure that pandas will get the care and environment that they need to have a proper life. Once you are in the base you will get the golden chance to explore one of the best habitats of pandas. You will be surprised to know that there are 50 pandas in this place and you will only need half of your day to explore the entire place. You can start with seeing the pandas and their cute little cubs if you reach the place at the right time. There are several breeding movies available that you can use to entertain yourself while you are on the move. It is perfect for the tourist who does not have enough time to spend their whole day on the base because all they want is to see some of the pandas and spend some beautiful hours with them. You can easily access the place on the car within 40 minutes. There are experts available to guide you and assure that the pandas will not get startled because of your presence or other issues. 

Dujiangyan Panda Base

The Dujiangyan Panda Base is the most current of China's examination focuses committed to the breed and like its peers gives vast, characteristic fenced in areas with 760 sections of land at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain. Situated around 90 minutes drive from Chengdu, the base is home to somewhere in the range of 20 pandas and five red pandas and is especially mainstream because of its volunteer projects. The one-day program empowers guests to help with keeping up the living quarters, bolstering the pandas and planting bamboo trees to guarantee a ceaseless supply of sustenance. Over these volunteers will investigate the panda safeguard presentation lobby and watch documentaries to take in more about the work that goes into caring for these creatures.

Bifengxia Giant Panda Base

Situated in Ya'an city, the Bifengxia Giant Panda Base is home to more than 20 of China pandas, huge numbers of them protected from the Wolong National Natural Reserve which endured broad harm after a seismic tremor in 2008, just four years after its opening. Spread over a V-formed crevasse, the grounds of the panda focus envelop a differed landscape and vegetation with valleys and cascades reminiscent of the panda's regular habitat. Here pandas are additionally prepared on fundamental survival in the expectations that they may one day become back to nature. 

Inside the grounds of the base, more than 20 zones have been assigned for specific exercises with a kindergarten for infant pandas, a rearing zone, different bamboo woods to give adequate nourishment and an examination focus with points of interest on protection.

City Zoos with Pandas

For those short on time and unfit to make it to Chengdu, it is conceivable to see hostage pandas somewhere else in China, transcendently in zoos where animal zones are very unique for the examination and reproducing tasks. Pandas may have preferred conditions over different less prominent creatures kept in the zoos so the options proposed here may not suit everybody, particularly the more delicate creature darlings out there. In light of this current, here's a snappy manual for what other places you can see pandas in China. 

Beijing Zoo - Dating back to 1906, this is one of China's most established zoological stops and is home to one of the nation's biggest gathering of creatures including numerous uncommon creatures endemic to China. The panda walled in the area is to a great degree well known and on some random day of the week, you'll be battling with the groups yet in the event that you should see a panda while in China and the capital of Beijing then this is your best alternative. 

Guilin Zoo - Located inside  Seven Star Park, this zoo is home to two mammoth pandas and additionally a few red pandas, which makes a lovely family day out with a delightful environment. Be cautioned however that creatures are utilized in exhibitions held at the zoo.

Shanghai Zoo - The gigantic zoo in Shanghai is home to in excess of 6,000 creatures including South China and Manchurian tigers close by creatures to encouraging away from home including hippos, giraffes, and kangaroos. The star fascination - the goliath pandas - are housed in a fenced in area with an indoor show region and outside play area. 

Ocean Park - One of Hong Kong's biggest and most established carnivals, the Ocean Park consolidates amusement rides with creature attractions and is home to four monster pandas. It's an extraordinary alternative for families with youngsters all around cooked for.

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