China Giant Pandas: Facts & information

Last Updated: November 27,2018

Panda is one of the highly endangered species of animals that are only found in China. Giant panda is very lovable and cuddly. You will not find it in the world outside captivity. China panda occupies the WWF logo. It is famous as the national treasure of China.

The unique look of Giant panda

No doubt that the appearance of the panda is just like a bear but what makes them unique is the natural black and white look that they have. There is black fur on the fur legs, around the shoulders and eyes of the giant panda. You might not have noticed before but the tail of the panda is always white. The height of the wild giant panda is commonly 75 cm tall and 1.5 meters long. 

giant panda

The habitat of China Panda

Wolong National Nature Reserve is the most famous Nature Sancturay for giant pandas. Unfortunately, the only habitat of giant pandas that you will find in the world is located on the mountainsides. They are commonly found in the provinces of Shaanxi provinces, Gansu provinces and Tibetan foothills of Sichuan.

What's they eat?

The main food of the panda is bamboo that is why you will commonly find the animal in the large bamboo forests. They are commonly found in the nature reserves because there the pandas can get the food and protection they need for a long and healthy life. You can also find the baby pandas in the location.

You will be surprised to know that 99% of the food that China panda will eat comprises bamboo. They will eat everything from the bamboo plat whether is its roots, shoots or leaves. Their main diet depends on the availability of bamboos. There are only a few types of fruits that panda will consume. However, the pandas that are kept in captivity will also enjoy the panda cake made with different healthy ingredients. The wild giant pandas will also eat grass, mice, insects and sometimes lambs. 

giant panda

The lifestyle of the panda

Pandas are known for being lazy because you will find them eating and sleeping most of the time. the biggest attraction of pandas is that they love to climb trees. You will notice that China panda will eat for 14 to 16 hours because bamboos cannot provide enough calories that can sustain for a long time. That is why panda and once done with eating they sleep for 2 to 4 hours. When the giant panda wake up it will start searching or food again. You might find a panda climbing tree but it is for a special reason. Pandas commonly climb a tree to propose to their partner, fight against big competitors or protect themselves from danger. 

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Breeding and population

Pandas prefer their solitude and they do not like the company of others. They have a very strong sense of smell. This sense is commonly used by the males to avoid other males and find female pandas for mating. The panda will spend 5 months of pregnancy and after that, it will give birth to 1 or 2 cubs. However, it is hard for the single mother to take care of both her cubs. You will be surprised to know that the baby cubs cannot crawl until they reach the age of three months and they are only 5 pounds in weight. The cubs are white and blind. They will develop the color as their age will increase. 


No doubt that the panda is the most endangered and rarest animal present in the world. According to the census done in 2014, it was found that there were only 1,864 giant pandas left in the world. In order to assure that this species can be protected from extinction, the experts took special care of most of the pandas that are left to allow them to breed and grow in a safe environment. It has helped to increase the population of pandas. 

The volunteer program for giant panda

If you want to be in close contact with pandas and want to experience how you can take care of the fluffy animal, you must try becoming a volunteer in our special program. You will get the opportunity to take care of the panda and live with them under the supervision of the experts. It will provide you with a chance to understand the lifestyle of the animals. You will get the complete information that how you can take essential steps at your level to protect the animals from extinction. It will bring some positive changes to your lifestyle.

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Enjoy the panda tour

If you can no become a volunteer do not worry because you can still have the chance to visit the pandas. We have designed special panda tours for you to allow you to enjoy the lifestyle of the pandas. These tour can also include Beijing, Shanghai and Guilin etc. For more information contact our experts. Take inspiration from our most popular China tours as below:

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