Cambodia is 100% re-open without State Quarantine from 15 November 2021

Last Updated: November 15,2021

Cambodia is re-opened for fully vaccinated travelers and citizens “without state quarantine” starting from 15th November 2021.


Tourist Visa on arrival is not applicable yet. Travelers need to apply for a visa from consular in advance in regional countries or via e-visa


Requirements to enter Cambodia:

I. Prior to travel to Safe and Green Zones/destinations.

    1. An authentic/legitimate certificate confirming injection of adequate doses of a vaccine against covid-19.

    2. An authentic/legitimate “no covid-19 infection” certificated by the PCR test issued 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure

II. Upon arriving at international airports or at Safe and Green Zones/destinations

    1. Tourists arriving under this program will be required to undergo a rapid covid-19 antigen test at the entrance (waiting result from 15-20mn).

    2. If the test results are negative, all tourists are travelers can visit freely around Cambodia.

    3. If the result of the covid-19 rapid test is positive, the individual will be separated while awaiting confirmation by the PCR test to avoid false covid-19 rapid test results. Once confirmed positive by the PCR test, that particular individual will be transferred for treatment according to the prescribed procedures. All the tourists and travelers who shared the same flight with that particular individual(s), will also need to be separated and subject to have PCR tests at their own expense through their subscribed insurance underwritings.

    4. Travelers who are not completely vaccinated are required to do the PCR Test and apply14days quarantine in hotels.


We look forward to welcoming you all to visit Cambodia-Kingdom of Wonder, feel the warmth-Safe and Clean.

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