Spa World Osaka: Experience the Best Onsen in Osaka

Last Updated: April 10,2024

Osaka Onsen may not be so famous among all the onsens in Japan. But as Osaka is a hot destination to travel to, soaking in the soothing hot springs will be enjoyable for some relaxation after a day exploring Osaka. Drawing on the area's natural spring water, Spa World Osaka is a large, multi-story hot spring spa complex located in Osaka, Japan. It's a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a variety of baths, saunas, relaxation areas, and other amenities inspired by Japan and others from around the world to be experienced in style and grandeur. World Spa Osaka also provides a hotel on-site as well as numerous restaurants and a bar, making it convenient for those who wish to extend their stay. Read the Spa World Osaka review here.

Table of Contents

-Spa World Osaka Onsen

-Spa World Osaka Stone Saunas

-Spa World Osaka Swimming Pool Complex

-Spa World Osaka Tattoo

-Spa World Hotel Osaka

-Spa World Osaka Dining

-Spa World Osaka Price

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Spa World Osaka Onsen Bathing Zones

Spa World Osaka Japan offers separate bathing areas for men and women to take a soak in the Osaka hot springs. Visitors can experience different types of baths and indulge in various spa treatments inspired by those found in both Asia and Europe. These zones are each assigned to a gender, rotating monthly (check the website for the current month's assignments). Regardless of your assignment, each zone promises to be an exciting and visually stimulating bath experience for the Spa World Onsen Osaka.

Asia Zone

This zone in the Osaka Spa World is dedicated to baths themed after the countries and regions of Japan, Hannam, Persia, Hinoki, Bali, and Hinoki, where time-honored bathing customs merge with the therapeutic benefits of natural hot springs. Decorated throughout with serene bamboo gardens and gently streaming waterfalls, guests immerse themselves in the restorative warmth of the Onsen Spa World Osaka.

European Zone

Transport yourself to the heights of ancient luxury within the Roman, Spain Greek, Mediterranean, and more! Each bath of Spa World Osaka private onsen contains their unique individual offerings such as themed saunas, jacuzzi, and even a full-fledged bathhouse.

Stone Saunas (Ganban'yoku)

Ganban'yoku is a type of popular Japanese spa treatment, usually done after a bathing session in a hot spring. With this kind of treatment, bathers lie on special heated stones placed into the ground and lie on them in order to sweat out toxins.

Spa World Osaka offers 8 different Ganban’yoku saunas, with each themed after particular countries of Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Austria, Korea, Russia, Iceland, and Canada.

Swimming Pool Complex

At the very top of the resort is the resort's main water park complex, which is made up of the Amusement Pool, Kids Zone, and Bade Zone. The Amusement Pool is where you can the area's pools and water slides (the latter requiring an additional fee for access). The Kids’ Zone, which has more kid-friendly attractions, is limited only to children and adults accompanying them. Visitors looking to relax in outdoors can go to the rooftop Bade Zone, which features jacuzzi and a view overlooking Osaka's skyline. Bathing suits, which are available to rent, are required in all swimming zones at World Spa Osaka.

Spa World Osaka Tattoo

Does Spa World Osaka allow tattoos? Regrettably, Spa World does not permit entry to individuals with tattoos. No matter how big or small the tattoo size is, whether it is the tattoo ink or it is covered up by a bandage, you are not allowed to go into Spa World as long as you have a tattoo. But if you visit the Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower, you are allowed to enter even though you have tattoos. (>>>Check Tattoo Friendly Onsen Japan to know the best onsens in Japan that allow tattoos)

Spa World Hotel Osaka

Spa World Osaka also provides accommodations to its visitors, with all guest rooms overlooking the iconic Tsutenkaku Tower. It also includes a gym that is free for guest use at Spa World Osaka Hotel.


Aside from the restaurant, all guests can help themselves to Spa World's buffet breakfast, barbeque, ramen shop, Ice Cream, Food Court, and bar.

Spa World Osaka Price

General Entrance Fee


Entrance Fee

Middle School & Up

JPY 1,500

Elementary School and Below

JPY 1,000

Pool entrance fee included

The general entry fee includes Onsen and amenities like towels, shampoos, and loungewear.

Entrance Fee



Middle School & Up

JPY 2,000

JPY 1,200

Elementary School and Below

JPY 1,000

JPY 1,500


The following is optional/extra on top of the general admission fee per person.

*This includes the Ganban-yoku usage fee and utilities set providing a cloth, large towel, and bags.

*Deposit required.



Weekends & Holidays



Includes extra fees for Water Slides and Rental items.

Kids Water Slides

Unlimited Rides Pass


Water Slides One-Time Access Pass

(Panic Tornado, Zoku Zoku Burn *choose   either one)


Unlimited Pass (Panic Tornado, Zoku Zoku   Bang for All-Day)


Rental Swimsuits※


Rental Floats※



(To be paid on top of the general admission fee)


JPY1,000 / HR (max. 4 ppl per table)

(JPY500 each add' 30 min)

Ping Pong

JPY1,000per hour per table

(JPY500 each add' 30 min)


JPY1,500 / HR (max. 6 ppl per room)

(JPY750 each add' 30 min)


JPY1,200 per hour per table

(JPY600 each add' 30 min)



Shoes Rental





*Using public transportation is encouraged due to limited parking space (100)
*For non-Spa World hotel guests, parking rates are JPY600/hour.

Standard Rates

1 hour: JPY600

(JPY300 each add' 30 min)

Spa-guest Rates

1 hour: JPY300

(JPY150 each add' 30 min)

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