Solaniwa Onsen: Take a Dip in the Best Osaka Hot Springs

Last Updated: April 10,2024

Housed within the iconic OSAKA BAY TOWER, Solinawa Onsen, hailed as the country's largest onsen theme park, offers visitors a diverse range of hot spring bathing & spa experiences. Since its opening in 2019, Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower has been designed to transport guests to the charm of an Azuchi-Momoyama period (1573 - 1603) townscape; this facility seamlessly intertwines immersive cultural encounters with spa indulgence. From indoor and outdoor pools brimming with natural hot spring water to tranquil saunas, the Osaka Solaniwa Onsen also offers culturally themed entertainment and authentic Japanese cuisine, making it one of the best and hottest resorts in the country, and also one of the best onsens in Osaka.

Rooftop Garden

On the fifth floor is the sky garden of Solaniwa Onsen Osaka: a sprawling 3,000 square foot locale where the onsen's foot baths visitors can also dip their feet in the garden's long foot bath while admiring the beautiful seasonally blooming trees and flowers. Visitors can also walk along the garden's enormous pond and take Solaniwa Onsen photos of the garden's 1,000 torii statues leading up to the Benten shrine, where you can visit or make a wish at its statue of the goddess Mizuarai Benten. There, you can behold the stunning view of the garden in its entirety.

Tattoo Policy

You may hear that Spa World Osaka does not allow tattoos. Fortunately, in Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay, visitors with tattoos are permitted to use the public baths so long as their body art can be covered up with stickers, which are purchased at the reception desk.

These stickers are available in three sizes for 100, 200, and 400 yen, respectively (excluding tax), up to a limit of five per guest. In the individual family baths, of course, you can bathe freely without the stickers. If you are looking for more options on tattoos-friendly onsens, you can also check the onsens in Japan that allow tattoos.

Hot Springs

Solaniwa Onsen offers 9 different types of hot springs, each with their own unique skin rejuvenating properties. All water is sourced from water pumped up from beneath the earth's surface —hypotonic, weakly alkaline, and high-temperature.

Private Baths

If you hope to experience the best private onsen in Japan when you are in Osaka, you cannot miss the Osaka Bay Tower Solaniwa Onsen. Solaniwa Onsen offers 10 fully private, natural spring-water outdoor baths designed for families, each featuring its own mini-garden. It offers two Special Rooms (4 to 6 people), seven Private Rooms (1 to 4 people), and one wheelchair-friendly Private Room. Perfect for friends’ nights out and celebrations!

Mist Sauna

The mist sauna at Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower allows you to experience a relaxing and skin-beautifying effect as you slowly warm up your body at a medium temperature.

Bedrock Sauna

The bedrock sauna warms the body from its core with the far-infrared rays of a dry sauna, inducing health, beauty, and healing effects by facilitating sweating from deep within. Additionally, the relaxation salon at Solaniwa Onsen Osaka offers close to 30 services, including traditional Japanese body care, scrub-downs, cupping, and much more.

Uoshu-ya Fish Therapy

Located in a hut nestled by the Sky Garden's foot baths, visitors can experience this unique where tiny fish gently nibble away dead skin on your feet. These "Doctor Fish" (Gaffa Ruffa) leave only a tickling sensation as they eat since they have no teeth, and you'll leave with your feet feeling refreshed and revitalized.


There are 3 restaurants located within the main complex of Solaniwa Onsen:

Tenga-Chaya: A café that offers sweet desserts like soft serve and parfaits and access to the nearby garden.

Komachi-Chaya: This dessert bar offers a menu of healthy ingredient versions of foods including drinks, healthy smoothies, and fruit.

Kuidaore-Yokocho: Solinawa Onsen's main restaurant, which serves a wide variety of Japanese cuisine.


Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay has a playing area meant to mimic stalls and games put on during a Japanese festival: Benten Festival. Many stalls where you can win prizes by playing games such as shooting, ring-toss games, and more! The area also includes an Arcade section which features plenty of arcade machines, claw machines, photo booths, and more!

Solaniwa Onsen Ticket in Osaka

Here are the Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower prices to take a look at.

                                              Entry Fee

Adult Rates

¥2,460 - ¥3,780 (rates change depending on the day 

of the week &  time of year, check Solinawa Onsen's 

website for details)


Flat rate ¥1,320

Elders 70+

¥1,617 - ¥2,306 (rates change depending on the day 

of the week &  time of year, check Solinawa Onsen's 

website for details)

                                       Private Baths

Deluxe Japanese-style Room (TATAMI)

¥12,100 / 90 min.

(Extensions: ¥3,850 / 30 min)

Standard Room

¥8,800 / 90 min.

(Extensions: ¥2,750 / 30 min)

Wheelchair-Friendly Room

¥9,900 / 90 min.

After reading the Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower reviews and knowing about the Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower tickets, how about taking a visit there? Contact us to tailor your Osaka tour now, and we will arrange the Solaniwa Onsen into your itinerary if you are interested in it.

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