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Friendly and fun loving, exotic and tropical, cultured and historic, Thailand radiates a golden hue from its glittering temples and tropical beaches through to the ever-comforting Thai smile.

In 2017 it’s time for even more creative Thailand tours. There are more attractions, more high-end hotel options, and more relaxing cruise options than ever. Below our travel specialists provide some smart travelers' tips to help you plan your Thailand trip in 2017…

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The Top 6 Places to Visit in Thailand in 2017

We suggest these six places to visit in 2017 according to our travel experiences, and our customers’ choices and feedback.

#1 Bangkok- Golden palaces, floating markets, spiritual capital

Bangkok is a city of contrasts with action at every turn; marvel at the gleaming temples, catch a tuk tuk along the bustling Chinatown or take a long tail boat through floating markets. Food is another Bangkok highlight, from local dishes served at humble street stalls to haute cuisine at romantic rooftop restaurants.

#2 Ayutthaya- a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Apart from touring Ayutthaya’s history and temples, your visit can be filled with something more recent in terms of the cultural contexts such as Krirk Yoonpan’s Million Toys Museum, Ayutthaya Boat Museum or the Bang Sai Royal Folk Art and Crafts Center.

#3 Chiang Mai- exploring the famous Night Bazaar

Once you’ve exhausted the art of the cheerful haggle, however, there’s plenty more to explore. The National Museum and Botanic Garden are great places to soak up some local culture and to breathe in the delicate fragrance of Thai orchids. In the city’s center, the remains of ancient walls embrace over 30 temples. Limber travelers can climb 300 stairs to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, an ornate Buddhist temple in the hills.

#4 Chiang Rai-a land of outstanding natural beauty

The city is gradually developing its tourist sector, beginning with its own Night Bazaar, Saturday Walking Street and Jazz Festival. The riverside remains mostly undeveloped, albeit with a few luxury hotels along the waterfront. To fully appreciate the beauty of the Mae Kok, it is best to hire a long-tail boat and take in the scenery along the two riverbanks. At the end of the day, Chiang Rai City is all about chilling out and taking it in slowly, savouring each moment as it comes.

#5 Phuket- Asia's most popular beach destination

Whether it's world-class diving in the Andaman Sea, golf at international-standard championship courses or exciting eco-adventures in tropical forests, Phuket is a place to extend your horizons. Take an exhilarating speedboat trip to the surrounding islands, or enjoy a serene cruise around mystical Phang Nga Bay.

#6 Krabi - limestone karsts and the mangroves

The southern Thailand town of Krabi serves as base camp for exploring the province of the same name, a lush region of jungles, limestone cliffs and idyllic isles floating just offshore in the Andaman Sea. Buddhist shrines still used by local monks are tucked into the chambers of the town's top attraction, Tiger Cave. The riverside pier links travelers with ferries and longboats to the best scuba diving, rock climbing and white sand beaches on the coast.

When to visit Thailand-time, weather and price

We understand scenery and outdoor experiences particularly are affected by the seasons, and travel at a bad time may ruin your holiday. Our travel specialists advice is as follows:

November to April is the best time to travel in thailand

Thailand’s weather can be generally divided into three types: hot season (March-June), rainy season (July-October), cool season (November-February), the annual average temperature is around 82°F/28°C. Its suitable for travelling .

November to March: Peak travel season

Because the weather is cool,you can enjoy Thailand tropical atmosphere in the daytime while without the trouble of mosquito and too stuffy to fall asleep. Besides ,the south of islands will be opening up to tourists ,you can fully experience island highlight. Thai people will celebrate Yeepeng Lanna International whereas price increases and the absence of hotels.

May to June :The hot season around the year

The temperature sometimes up to 104°F/40°C. the most funny holiday--- songkran festival day comes in April, you can feel the original Thai New Year, which gives you an once in lifetime memories.

July to October: Rainy season

While it certainly does rain during this season it’s more likely to consist of flash-flood afternoon downpours than a continual drizzle for days. The great thing is you can get an excellence hotel discount.

Your Travel Style

You can travel on your own, in a tour group, or on a private tour in Thailand.

Travel in Thailand on a private tour means:

  • Discovery your way Explore your interests at your own pace.
  • FlexibilityYour own choices for schedule, sights, hotels, food, etc.
  • Better service Your own transport, driver, and guide are at hand to help.
  • Best value You can discover more of Thailand.
  • It costs more (understandably)

Travel in a tour group in Thailand means:

  • The easiest and cheapest option
  • Lack of flexibility Fixed itinerary, fixed dates, fixed destinations
  • Low-value Rushed affairs, herding you from place to place

Independent travel in Thailand means:

  • Adventure and learning lots of it!
  • Language problems Most Thai people don’t speak English
  • Culture shock From unpredictable traffic to unrecognizable food
  • Inefficiency You may waste your time and miss some highlights
  • Many hassles From tourist traps to figuring out bus schedules

Thailand tour and vocations for 2017

Here are the most popular tour samples being booked for 2017. Get inspiration from our trip ideas, then tailor them to you! customize tours to your destinations, schedule, and interest. Be well-prepared for your holiday.

temple of heaven


10 days Krabi -Phangna-Koh Lipe adventure tour

Get ready for a trip that will appeal to adventure-seekers, and all those wanting to discover something a little new and out-of-the-ordinary! Head away from the crowds of tourists and towards the idyllic Phang Nga Bay and its islands. Compl...

Fobidden City


13 days Bangkok- Chiangmai- Phuket private tour

When you mention traveling to Thailand, what pops into your mind? The history, culture , heritage sites, beaches or lady boy? This 13-day private tour includes all of these elements, which is perfect for first-timers looking to discover th...

panda tours


8 days Bangkok - Sukhothai - Lampang - Golden Triangle - Chiangmai classic tour

This itinerary is perfect for first-timers looking to discover the very best of Thailand. We offer a short and sweet introduction to the destination, from exploring Bangkok, "the city of angels", through to the ancient capitals - home to im...

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