the Great Wall

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The Great Wall of China, translated from “Wan Li Chang Cheng,” is unquestionably a have-to-see attraction for all tourists around the world. Not only is the Great Wall the Eighth Wonder of the World, it is a symbol ofChinathat holds various chapters of history. Originally built as a means of fortification, it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions inChina. Stretching over 6,400 kilometers, the walls snake across high mountains and vast deserts, from Shanhai guan in the east to Jiayu guan in the west. Construction of the Great Wall started during the era of the Warring States (around 221 BC); the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty united seven separate states into one joint nation, which eventually developed into what we know today as China. In order

to defend the aggression approaching from the north, the emperor Qin Shihuang called on over one million workers, which at that time corresponded to one fifth of the entire population, to link the separated wall up an

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Beijing attractions and top tourist sites include the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Great Wall, Temple of Heaven...

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